Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


4. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


“Oh my gosh! Stop it!” I snapped at Zayn and Harry.



They were running around in the studio. They were acting really immature and dumb. “Gosh, don’t have to be so mean.” Harry sat down next to me.



I just rolled my eyes and sighed. The boys are writing music and Simon is doing...whatever he is suppose to. He is just sitting there nodding his head every now and then. 



I think that Simon has to approve of the song? I’m not sure. I don’t even know why I came with. They’re just singing. Niall has been smiling and staring at me the entire time.  “Do you think it sounds good Allison?” Simon asked me.



“Uh I don’t really like their type of music... haha.” I gave them a half smile.



“You lied to me!” Harry pointed at me.



“Well...” I looked down. I don’t feel bad for lying to Harry. He just needed to suck it up. I was only saying that to shut him up.



“Okay, well I think that we did a pretty good job today. Right lads?” Liam stood up.



“Yeah.” They all cheered together. 



“Are you guys coming back to my... Er I mean our.” Simon smiled at me. “House?” He asked the boys. I don’t care if they do or not.



They all looked at each other then towards me. I shrugged and they let out yeahs.




“Well, don’t get too close to Allison today, eh Harry?” Simon spoke.



I looked down and blushed. Louis started giggling started nudging my ribs. As soon as we we’re in my room the boys stare at me.



“What?” I sit down on my bed and remember that I never put the new stuff on it. I stand up and grab a bag that has a blanket, two pillow cases, a sheet and another sheet.



“What?” I ask them again. Niall comes over and grabs everything off my bed. “I’ll help.” He smiles. “thanks.” 



“What’d you and Harry do?” Liam speaks up.



“Nothing. We were laying on her bed and Simon thought we were doing something. Thats it!” Harry looked up from his phone and explained.



Finally my bed was made. The painters would be here in about a half an hour. I was suppose to take everything out. I put everything that will fit into my closet. Then I ask the boys for help. “Can you guys get my bed and this stuff?” I ask them and gesture to a small table and lamp.



They all bring it out into the hall way. Tonight I’m going to sleep in the hallway, great. The painter would be here and then tomorrow someone is suppose to put my carpet in. 



People would also bring my dresser, entertainment system, T.v, desk, and small tables. Hopefully they come after the carpet person does. 



“Well, what do you want to do?” They asked me.



“Um, I don’t know.” I sat on my bed and they all followed suit and did the same. Now I was smashed between Niall and Harry. Niall kind of gives me the creeps and Harry makes me nervous. 



“I’m bored though.” Louis whined. What the hell did he expect me to do about it? 



“Lets go swimming!” Liam shouted.



“Yeahh!” They all said in unison.



They stood up and started running towards the pool. I just sat there. Idiots. I got up and went into the bathroom. I was staring in the mirror and saw that I looked like crap today. I had bags under my eyes and my hair is all frizzy. 



I step out and I’m greeted by curls. “What?” I mumble and push him out of the way.



“Aren’t you going to come swimming?” He followed me to the kitchen. I stood at a huge window and looked at all the boys swimming in boxers.



“I can’t.” I turned around and opened the fridge. It was full of food and water bottles. I grabbed an apple and Fiji water bottle.



I sat down at a long island and popped the water open.



“Why not?” Harry pried.



“Because.” I took baby bites out of the apple. My teeth were really sensitive due to the fact that I got my braces off three weeks ago.



“Because w...” Harry stopped. “Oh.” He looked down and blushed.



“Yup.” I popped the p and stared at the apple.



Imagine Harry in just boxers, does he even wear boxers? I wonder if he wears briefs. I wonder if he doesn’t wear anything at all...



“So, use that one thing.” He coughed up. I can tell this was awkward for him!



“What thing?” I questioned him.



“You know.”



“No I don’t. What thing...?” 



“Um.. a tampon.” He spit out.



“Um, no thanks.” 



“Why not?”



“Because I never have and never plan to.”






“Because Harry thats weird... and I don’t know. My friend told me that only whores wear them. Plus virgins don’t really... Stupid, I know.”


“Well I’ve met girls who aren’t whores who use them.” 



“I’m sure you have.” I was finished with my apple so I threw it in the near by trash can.



“I have. And you... haven’t had sex?!” Harry blurted out.



“Shh. No I haven’t...” I blushed. I didn’t like talking about this with Harry.



“Why not?” He was laughing and moved his chair close to me.



“I don’t know.” I felt embarrassed and like a little kid. 



“Do you want to?” I spit my water out and wiped my mouth. “What?!”



“Not today. Or with me, but with someone?” 



“Oh um , I guess so...”



“Oh well i would have thought that you would have had sex before.” 



“Why? Do I look easy to you or something?” I was kinda getting mad, me have sex? 



“No! But you’re pretty and you have a killer body soo....” 



“Oh well I don’t know. I just never felt the need to have sex and I don’t have the need to...” Louis walked in soaking wet.



“Whats taking you guys so long?” He whined.



“We’re just talking.” Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulder and smiled to Louis.



“Come on guys!” Louis stood there wanting us to come with him.



“I think I’m going to go for a walk around so I’ll go swimming next time.” I stood up and started heading to my room for a pair of shoes.



“Why won’t you go swimming?” Louis kept asking me questions!



“Because, I just don’t want to.” I left them standing there, Louis confused, and me to find a pair of shoes.



I found a pair of black flip flops and slipped them on. I brushed through my hair and slipped a white beanie on. I pulled a pair of dark aviators out of my suitcase and threw them on my face.



I walked out my door and shut it. Then I opened it because I remembered that the painters were coming. They should be here any minute. I walked down to Simon’s hall and reminded him about the painters.



Then I asked if I could take a walk around. I waited outside on a bench for them to arrive so I could direct them to my room and stuff.



They shortly arrived with paint. I showed them to my room and they stood in the door to admire it. There were three painters in baggy clothes and hats on. They were all men and they looked ugly and scruffy. 



I left them alone and stepped outside. “Can I join you?” I looked and sighed.



“I guess so.” Harry cheered and started walking by my side.



“Where are you going?” Harry spoke up after about ten minutes.



“I don’t really know.” I scrunched my forehead. 



“Do you want to go to Starbucks?” 



“Sure.” We walked a little bit further before we arrived. He held the door open for me and we took our places in line.



We got up to the counter and a girl that looked about 18 blushed. She almost had tears in her eyes. “Oh my gosh! Um... What can I get you?” She calmed herself.



“Two ice mochas.” Harry ordered for us.



“Thanks for ordering mine.” I nudged his ribs.



“I figured you’d live.” He smiled down at me. He was way taller than me.



“Here you go. That is uh, 8.49.” She smiled. I went to grab some money out of my pockets but Harry stopped me.



“What are you doing? I can pay for my own.” 



“Nope.” He handed her the money. We started to walk away.



“You guys are a reallly cute couple.” The girl gushed at us.



“We’re not dating.” We said in unison.



“Oh... Well then we should hang out sometime Harry...” She looked down and smiled.



“Yeah you’re right gorgeous.” He walked over to her and wrote his number down on a napkin for her. 



“Call me okay?” He left her starstruck and probably about to shit her pants.



“That was nice of you to do.” I looked up at him.



Somewhere deep; very, very deep I felt a pang of jealousy. 





After running from a huge mob of fans, stopping to get something to eat from a fast food place we were at a park. 



“Oh my gosh! They’re crazy! They chased us for three miles!!” I was out of breath and I was sprawled out on the grass. It was about 7 and we had been gone for about three hours. All day.



“I know.” He smiled. “But I love my fans, even if they do have a very bad obsession.” He sighed.



I just laughed. “What are you laughing for?” He sat up.



“You. You truly love your fans, even if they’re psychos!”



“Yeah, of corse I do!” 



“I’m so tired.” It was still really hot out.



“Race you to the swings?” I stood up and ran over to the swings and beat him.



He rolled his eyes. “Do you want me to push you?” I nodded and held on.



He started pushing me and I felt like a big little kid. 



Soon Harry got tired and sat on his own swing. I was going super high and it was really fun. I haven’t been at a park in a really long time. I know that I had a huge smile on my face and I didn’t care if I was embarrassing myself or not. 



I started slowing down and I began just to swing forward a foot and back. “Today was fun.” I look at Harry.



He smiled and looked down. “Yeah.” 



“Even though we didn’t do ANYTHING!” I laughed and Harry stood up.



“Come with me.” He reached for my hand. 



I took it gladly and followed him.



He walked me into the a deep forest and had me questioning his intentions. I mean was it even safe to be out here? Its now almost eight and the sun is almost gone. What if there was like a pedophile waiting for a little kid to wander by here? Or there was a bear?



“What are we doing Harry?” I asked quietly.



We were in the middle of the woods.



He let go of my hand and turned towards me and got really close to me. “Something....” His lips were close to mine and he smelled good. Wait, was he going to kiss me? His green eyes were staring into mine and it felt like he was searching my soul.



Wait, isn’t this what my sister says about his pictures? Weird. He put his hand right above my shoulder and the other hand on my stomach and he backed me up to a tree. I felt pretty uncomfortable but at the same time I really wanted him to kiss me.



He made a half smile and got closer. “Look behind you.” 





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