Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


3. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


Allison’s point of view



“What’d you get?” Simon ask me. He is sitting in a a chair close to the t.v



“Well, she got a lot of clothes! Plus she got that new phone,” I pulled my phone out of my tight pockets and showed him. “She also ordered carpet and a painter will be here tomorrow okay? Hes going to paint her room and she got... Well, never mind, just show him Allison.” Louis told me.



I pulled out the sample of paint and carpet that I’m getting. I gave him the curtain to look at and told him that someone is bringing a dresser, t.v, lamp, desk and other things that would fill up my room.



He told me that was fine and I went to my bedroom. The boys were hot on my heels. “You got a different bed spread right?” Harry asked me.



“Yeah, why?” I asked him taking stuff out of my bags.



Each boy had two bags and i had four.



“This one isn’t very comfortable.” Harry flew down on it.



“You’re not meant to sleep in it! Besides maybe I like it.” I defended the poor ugly blanket.



He stood up and opened a bag. He pulled out a pair of my underwear. “Excuse me! Why do you keep taking my stuff?!” 



I tried taking it back. “Well... we’re going to leave you and Harry. To do whatever. See you later. Make sure you’re home by ten Harry.” Louis and all the boys left Harry and me alone.


“Give me my stuff and leave like them, Harry!” I pouted.



“Why do you dislike me so much?” Harry put my stuff back in my bag.



“I don’t dislike you. You just aggravate me. I’ve known you for a day or two and you’re super obnoxious.” I pull a couple shirts out of a bag and hang them up.



“Hmm” Harry hummed. 



I sat down on the bed and ran my fingers through my hair. 



“Can I have a drink?” Harry asked me. I looked over to what he was talking about. I had a water bottle yesterday and it is still half full sitting on my floor.



“Sure.” I stood back up and grabbed more shirts to put away.



“Shit!” I look over and Harry’s shirt is soaked.



“Seriously?” I bring my attention back to putting clothes up.



“What?! You think I did this on purpose?” He brought his shirt up over his head. His body was so attractive. It is crazy.



“Gosh, stop staring.” He winked at me and made me feel uncomfortable. I blushed and went back to a bag. I took a couple pair of already folded jeans and stuck them on shelves. 



The closet in my room was walk in. There was a couple racks and a couple shelves. The shelves and racks were already filled with clothes that I would wear to school. 



There were still bags on the floor that I would put up when the dresser came. 



“So, what school am I going to?” I asked him.He shrugged and stood up and walked towards the large window. I sat on the bed and put my new iPhone on the charger.



Harry took the curtains out of the bag and put them on my window for me. “Thanks.” I said quietly.



“Yup.” He said down next to me and yawned.



“I’m tired. Who knew shopping is so tiring?” He stretched his body behind me. The bed is pretty large so his body fit behind me. 



“Hey Allison?” He asked me shyly.






“Why don’t you like our music?” He grabbed my waist and pulled me back. Now I was laying down right beside him.



“Harry!” I shouted at him.



“Allison!” His grip on me was tight and I was very uncomfortable being this close to him.



“Why not?” He asked me again.



By now I knew that I was blushing, because, thats me. “Why what?” 



“Why don’t you like our music?” He asked me twice.



“I like your music. Okay?” He still didn’t let go of me.



He was really cute, but I had been told not to like any of them. His breath was breathing on my face and it smelled like strawberry gum. 



“Do you want to kiss me?” He brought me out of my staring contest that I was having with his lips.



“No.” I was staring at his eyes now.



“HARRY?!” Simon shouted running over to us.



“We weren’t doing anything, calm down uncle Simon!” Harry stood up leaving me breath less. I have all these crazy feelings about Harry!



“Its time to go home, don’t you think Harry?” Simon walked out the door.



“By the way we were told not to like you either. But, who listens to Simon? And it is strawberry.” Harry whispered softly in my ear and kissed my cheek, leaving me blushing.



Number one flaw about Allison Weiss? Accidentally says what she is thinking. 




“Simon?” I walked down a long path of doors and now I’m stopped in front of a door that was different than the others.



This one was white wood. It was really pretty and I remember him telling me that this is his room. “Come in?” I turned the nob and entered.



I had to cover my mouth with my hand before I let out a huge gasp. His bedroom was gorgeous.



He had the windows open towards his back yard. It showed an amazing view of a huge pool. Right behind the pool was a hot tub. His curtains were moving with the warm breeze that comes with the ending of July.



His bed was the biggest bed I have ever seen before in my life! His t.v was almost the same size! Then there was just so much space all over.



“Yes darling?” He asked me sitting up.



“Um, what school am I going to attend?” I asked shyly. I don’t really want to address him as a dad and comfortably. I don’t feel normal around him, like he isn’t my dad. Which he is, there is a DNA test to prove it.



“You will go to Angel level High. You’ll be in eleventh grade because you’re 16 and your birthday is..” He paused for a minute trying to think. “July 10th?” 



“Yeah. Thanks.” I started moving out the door.



“Hey! Thats right, your birthday was a couple weeks ago? I’ll get you a present. And this is my girlfriend!” Out came a women dressed in a long silk night gown.



“Thats okay. Hi nice to meet you.” I walked over to shake her hand and she squeezed me into a bone crushing hug. Stopping when I squeaked.



“I’m Meghan.” She had a booming voice.



“I’m Allison.” I Flashed my teeth quickly.



“Do you have your licenses Allison?” Simon asked me.






“Okay.” He replied. “Hey! That pool out there is free to use anytime you want, okay?” He asked me and I smiled.



I quietly walked out trying to find my room among so many doors.




“Iiiii, I wanna save ya. Wanna save your heart tonight!” I was startled awake by a booming noise coming from my phone.



I looked at it and it said Hazza. I had no clue who it was and who would have my number. And whoever it was, why they were calling so early.



“Hello?” I answer and roll over.



“Allison?” It was Harry.



“Yes.” I hiss into the phone.






“What?” I ask him keeping my eyes shut.



“What are you doing today?” He asked me with a sweet little kid voice.



“Not hanging out with you guys.” I reply back rudely.



“Why not? We have to do some work with Simon and he said you could come! Please!!” He begged me.



“I don’t know, what time I guess?” I gave in.



“Noon. Bye!” He hung up and I looked at the time.



It was ten a.m. I send my mom a text knowing that she is was probably asleep. I text her and tell her to call as soon as she can.



I text all my friends back at home that this is my new number like I did with mom. They’re all asleep but they’ll get it sooner or later.



It is crazy that I was just back home in L.A. I was just on a date with Connor. I was just getting caught sneaking out with him at two in the morning. I was just at the movies with Connie. We were making fun of the movie being lame. I remember everything like it was yesterday.



Now I just live in a mansion. I just have a dad. I just met One Direction. So many “I just’s”. Its unbelievable. 



“Are you coming with us today Allison?” Simon knocks on my door.



“Yes.” I get up and run into the shower.



I quickly wash and get dressed. I wear a pair of Hollister sweat pants and tennis shoes. I wear a tight hoodie and sun glasses covering my bare face. My hair was flowing down my shoulders and down half way down my back.



I didn’t have the motivation to straighten it or try to make myself look pretty at all. I feel like crap and I want to go home.



I’ll admit it, the boys are nosey and loud and obnoxious and cute. But, they’re pretty nice. I mean Harry is really cute! I can’t even think of being anything more then friends with Harry. Simon will kill both of us! 



The words that keep playing in my head are mocking Harry. “But, who listens to Simon?” 


Well, I kind of feel like punching everyone in the face because my 10 year old niece cries all the time because she think shes fat and ugly. How is that even right? It isn’t. Ya know whats funny? She weighs way less than she is suppose and that’s terrible she thinks this.


Anyways I read dark and ommmg. So then my friend suggested I read 50 shades of grey and um agggh adjksfdsldsjf I finished and ima die they’re soo good!!~AllisonxX

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