Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


2. Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)


“Get up!!” I rolled over and fell to the floor. “Louis?” I looked up.



He was standing over top of me with a grin on his face. I started to get up but felt a pain in my side. “ouch.” I tried mumbling to myself.



“Whats wrong?” Harry walked over and asked. Wouldn’t you like to know?



“Besides the fact that I just rolled onto the floor... My stomach is hurting.” Liam came over and held a hand out to me. I stood up and felt five pair of eyes on me.



I got out of eye sight by walking into the bathroom and shutting the door. I looked in the mirror and i have bags around my eyes. The boys stayed here last night. They begged me to stay up until two thirty in the morning playing video games with them.



I sat down and felt my stomach drop. Of corse being in a house with out a mother and just a dad. A new dad that I’ve met for a day and five teenage boys. I started bleeding. 



Now while we’re at the mall, I’ll have to buy pads. I bet the boys will be watching me the entire time. I peak my head out the door to find them all standing there waiting for me. “Hey... I’m going to take a shower, you can leave now... Please?” With the magic word they move out.




I step out of the steaming shower and grab a towel. I wrap it around and look in the mirror. I look so tired, because I am. I step out into my room and grab my phone. It is 8:30. Why did they wake me up so early?! It would be like 2:30 mom’s time and she probably just arrived home.



“Hello?” she answers. I get tears in my eyes and sit on my bed.



“Are you awake?” I ask her and put my phone on speaker phone. I sit it close to me and start getting dressed.



“Yes, how is it honey? Are you liking it so far?” she asked.



“I’m okay I guess. I don’t really like it. Mom do you know what time of the month it is?” I ask her almost in tears. I don’t want to stay here anymore. I want to go home, now!



“Oh... sweetie i am so sorry. You have money to get that stuff right?” she asked me with a yawn.



“Yea... Simon gave me a credit card to buy whatever I wanted... So.” I was now dressed and was brushing through my already straight hair.



“Okay, thats great! I’m going to bed now, love you sweetie! I’ll call you when I can.” She made a kissing noise and waited for me to say the same thing and hang up.



I go to my door and find all the boys leaning against it. They all have shocked faces and gasp. They all start to run but I grab Zayn by his shirt. “What did you hear?” I ask him. They’re annoying!



“Nothing...” He stammers and stares at his feet.



“What the fuck ever! What’d you hear?!” He gives me a scared expression and I let his shirt go.



“We heard your conversation...” He blushed. 



“Oh, so you heard that I needed pads? Go get me some then, this is your punishment!” I put my hand on my hip.



“Uh...” He stands there. He looks pretty scared.



“Well, are you going to or what?” I’m getting frustrated. I don’t particularly like One Direction to begin with. So when I found out they would be here a lot I decided to make their lives hell; for making mine hell. 



My older sister has a fucked up obsession with them. I like maybe two of their songs. My sister though spends her entire pay checks on their posters, she has four shirts and a sweatshirt. She paid three hundred dollars for a concert!



I walk over to one of my bags and pull out a small mirror. I grab a lot of my make up and start. I put on foundation and blush. I put eyeliner and mascara on then start to my hair. I start by putting half of it up and straightening the bottom. I let my hair fall down little by little until I got it all completely straight.



By then they boys were walking in with bags in their hands. “We’re sorry we were spying...” Niall gets pushed towards me. He has a scared look on his face and is looking at his shoes.



All of a sudden I start crying. I don’t want to be a monster. I don’t want these idiots to be scared of me. I just want to be home. “Why... what are we doing wrong?” Liam came up and started patting my back.



“You guys think I’m a monster....” Niall walks up and hugs me.



“We don’t think you’re a monster...” Niall turns towards everyone they all go yeah!



“Whatever! I’m really not mean... I just i don’t know. Im actually really nice and funny. And i’m sweet, I promise.” I leave Niall’s arms and sit on my bed.



“Its okay. We believe... Now go get ready so we can go shopping!” Louis walks over and takes my hand. Niall hands me my bag and they push me into the bathroom.



I look in the bag and find the wrong ones. They should work though. I look in the mirror and see make up running all over my face. I walk back into my new room and get my headband and pull it through my hair. I take my make up and go into the bathroom to fix it.




“Oh my gosh, you have to get this!” Louis is holding up a pink fluffy carpet sample. It was horrible.



“No thanks.” I pushed past him and saw a gray sample. I pick out the fuzziest carpet in the store. It is so soft on my hands and I just want to roll all over it. 



I tell the boys that this is what I want. I give it to Liam since he claims “he knows what he is doing” and he goes to buy it. Harry quickly follows behind me like a lost duck. “What are we looking at now?” He ask me trying to catch up with my fast pace.



“Curtains.” I turn around and smile. I need to be nice. Maybe become a fan? I don’t want to seem like a total butthole!



“Hah...” He smirked. I ignored it and kept walking.



“What color are you wanting?” He kinda asked a lot of questions. “I know I do.” He showed off his dimples.



“What?” I looked at him puzzled.



“You were speaking without realizing it.” He grabbed my hand and practically dragged me to cute curtains. “These are nice.” He pointed to bright blues one.



“I’m just looking for white ones or light pink ones. I’m thinking about painting my wall a light blue... I just want to cover it anyways.” I move on.



“With posters of us?” Harry makes kissing noises.



“No.” I stop and almost laugh. “With pictures of my mom and sister and friends and stuff...” I find a really light pink curtain with little blue flowers on the bottoms. 



“I like this. But it has to be wide.” I have a huge bay window. Right underneath it, in my room is a bench with padding on it. Attached to the two ends of it were tall shelves with nothing on them. 



“This should be good.” Harry picked up wider ones and carried them for me.



“Isn’t Louis suppose to be the one shopping?” I raised my eye brow at him.



“Hey, thought you weren’t  a fan?!” He gasped with a huge smile plastered across his cute face.



“I’m not, my sister is. Shut up! Lets finish shopping!” As soon as I spoke Louis came up to me and was smiling brightly. He had something in his hand.



“What do you have?” He brought it up straight to my face. It was a white IPhone 4. “Oh my gosh?! Simon is going to kill me! That must have cost a fortune! Louis!” 



“Nope! I called and asked if you could buy um clothes, music,” With the word music he pulled an album called “Up all night” from behind his back. “phones! And he said whatever you freaking wanted! Oh, and he said to remind you that school starts in two weeks! Sooo, that means we’re going clothes shopping!” 



“I’m home schooled... I wont need clothes.” I tell Louis. I touch the phone all over. Its so neat. I have always wanted an iPhone.



“Well, we talked Simon into changing his mind.” Louis puts his arm around me and starts pulling me with him towards Hollister. 




Harry Point of view



Allison wasn’t that bad. Maybe she was just acting snobby because she just met us. I mean pretty much every girl that meets any of us wants to attack us and fuck us. It is actually nice meeting someone that didn’t want to. Not the fact that she wanted to rip our heads off though.



She doesn’t want to buy anything but Louis is a pusher. She saw a shirt and was eyeballing it for a couple seconds and Louis threw it in the cart. Louis is like a mother sometimes I swear.



He was pushing this cart and filling it with stuff that he likes. Him and Allison actually seem to have the same taste in clothes. Plus shoes and almost everything else. If anyone has a chance with her it is definitely Lou.



Too bad he has a girlfriend. I’m probably next in line in her opinion though. I smile to myself about that. 



“Do you like this?” Louis pulls up a red shirt. It was lacy all up the front and the lace was shaped like flowers. It buttoned up and was really cute. 



“You should get it.” I finally put my opinion in. 



“Okay.” She smiles at me and Louis puts it in the cart. 



The cart is about to overflow, it is crazy! If I ever have a daughter they won’t own as much as Allison is going to buy... Maybe, if it will make Darcy happy!



“Louis, why don’t you let Allison buy something? Her self?” Niall chuckles to himself.



“I am!” Louis keeps yanking stuff. 



“Okay.” I keep my phone in my hand and snap a picture of the cart. I tag him and say “Louis is shopping! Look at that cute bra!” 



“You’re buying bras?” I ask Allison.



I pick at the cart and grab the bra. Its cute. All bras are cute because they hold my favorite things in them! Boobs!



“Give it back Harry!” Allison swats at me.



“No.” I put it on my chest like I have boobs. This bra is pretty big. I take a glance at Allison’s boobs. I haven’t noticed but, she has big boobs! Woah!



“Stop!” Allison snatches the bra out of my hands while my eyes were occupied.



She throws it in the cart and puts her arms over her chest. She just made her cleavage worst. She looks into my eyes and sees that I’m still looking. She gasp and turns away from me completely. She stomps off with everyone behind her.




Hopefully you guys like this book and hopefully you liked the first chapter!


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