Another World (Harry Styles fanfic)

Allison's dad never wanted her until her mom forced her on him. Allison wasnt happy because Simon Cowell was her dad and that meant One Direction would be around. After spending a really long time hating them she meets and befriends them all. After having a thing with Harry everyone admits they're upset. Until one day they admit their feelings. Then they wait awhile to inform everyone of what kind of relationship they're having. Wanting to keep it a secret they hire someone to play Allison's "boyfriend" and Harry's "girlfriend". Things start to get intense when Harry wonders why fresh bruises are popping up on Allison's body.


1. Another world (harry styles fanfic)

“I don’t want to go.” I stood standing in front of my mom with bags surrounding my feet at an airport. “You have to go honey, I won’t be home a lot now. I don’t want you staying home alone.” She put her hand on my shoulder. She pulled me into hug and squeezed me tight. “I love you.” She kissed my forehead and picked my bags up. She offered them to me and I take them. They included all the clothes I owned and so much more. I had pictures of my best friends and I, my mom and the rest of my family. Just three days ago I got in a fist fight with my older sister. Now I regret it. I wish that I hadn’t fought with her. What if I never even come home? What if I get stuck in London? I’m moving all the way to London to live with my father. My father who didn’t want me to begin with. As soon as he found out I was coming he disappeared. Now, after 16 years my mom begged him to accept me. My mom had gotten a new job and she would be at work almost all day. She didn’t want me home alone. Of corse my 18 year old sister couldn’t take me. She was just beginning college and lived in a dorm. Simon apparently lives in a huge house but, is rarely there. School will be starting soon and I don’t even get to go to regular school. I get to be homeschool by some goody goody brit. Great, right? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry’s Point of View “Okay Simon!” I scream at him for the tenth time. He has this huge idea that I’m going to try and get in this “Allison” girl’s pants. I don’t even know if she is hot or not yet. Of corse he isn’t telling Liam or Niall this. He has been going on for days about it. It has really gotten annoying. Today Allison is flying in from America. Simon has talked about her a couple times before. Her mom, Katie has been a single mother since Simon left them. I think that Simon got drunk and had a one night stand with her mom. Now because of this horny bastard we have to deal with this kid! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Liam’s point of view “Got cha!” Simon put all of us in charge to find Allison at the airport. He doesn’t even know what she looks like. The only feature he knows is that she has blonde hair. “I wonder is she’ll be hot!” Niall smiles at all of us. “Niall! Simon told us that she is off limits! We’re not allowed to mess around with her, at all.” Louis says looking at Harry. “I’m not the one who said anything!” Harry defends himself. “I’m just telling everyone... All of you guys.” Louis crosses his arms. “What about you?” Harry says back to him with a little bit of sass. “I have a girlfriend!” Louis almost screams. “Guys, stop it! We’re here!” I pronounce to them and open up the limo door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Allison’s point of view That was the worst flight of my life. The entire time a little kid was snoring in my ear. I couldn’t sleep at all. I was on the outside and the attendant kept coming by and bumping my arm. Some creepy effer was staring at me the whole time and I’m afraid of heights. If Simon is so rich why couldn’t he at least afford to get me in first class? Ugg. Plus I guess he is having this famous band called “One direction” pick me up. I’ve heard of them but never really like them. Of corse all of them were total hotties, I got direct orders from Simon they’re off limits though. I’m guessing they got the same. “Are you Olivia?” An old guy came up to me and tugged on my arm. “Sorry, no.” I sat down and stared at him. I looked around for these boys. I saw a group of boys in crazy outfits. Obviously if they’re trying to be disguised they suck at it. Two of them have bald caps on. One has got an old women wig on, then two of them have their hoods over their faces. I can totally tell that they’re One Direction; freaks. “Are you Allison?” They walk over to me and stare at me. “Yup.” I stand up and hand them all a bag. They each take their time to admire me. “I’m Louis, this is Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn.” He pointed to everyone. “Are you coming?” I turn around and look back at them. I’m like twenty feet ahead of them and they’re just whispering to each other. They just stared at me, except for Louis. I walked back to them and grabbed my bags out of their hands. Louis was the only one who was walking towards the exit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I hope they were of help Allison.” Simon stood in front of me with a cup in his hands. He towered over me and had a frown on his face. “Nope.” I huff. “I would’ve guessed. Follow me towards your room.” He bent down and put his cup down and gabbed two of my bags. “So do they live with you?” I asked him. We were walking down a long hall way flying past rooms. “Who? The maids, yes.” He opened up a door. “No, One Direction...” I stepped inside and was shocked. It was ugly. The walls were grey and there was a bed with a small table next to it. That was it. “Oh, no. Aren’t you a fan?” He asked me bewildered. “Nope.” I put all my bags on the hard wooded floor. “Well, it is pretty plain, I know. I didn’t really know what you would like. Here is a credit card. The boys will take you tomorrow to buy paint, bedspread, carpet, dresser and a T.v. Anything you need.” He smiled at me. “Okay... Thanks.” I half smiled at him. He walked out of my new room. It is three in the afternoon here, i wonder what time it would be home. I think there is a six hour difference. It would be uhh, nine a.m at home. Mom works from 6am-1am. “Here you go ma’am.” A young women walked in with both hands full of plastic hangers. “These are for shirts.” She looks down and tries not to make eye contact. “Thank you!” I feel bad for her. I wouldn’t want to be a maid. “Whats your name?” I ask here. “Melody.” She has a hint of a smile on her face. “You’re really pretty!” I shout to her. She smiles sheepishly and walks off. “Heeey!” Harry walks in my bedroom with Louis attached to his side. “Hi.” I sat down on my bed pulling my phone out. “Oh, you do have a phone!” Louis came over and grabbed it out of my hand. “Hey, give it back!” I stood up defensively. “We’re adding our numbers.” Harry told me calmly. He bent his head down and shook his curls all over and fixed them to his forehead. “Here you go. That phone sucks.” Louis handed me my small flip phone back. I shrugged and nodded. “Yup, not everyone can afford fancy iPhones.” I reply back. “You can now.” Niall walked in and held himself against the door. “Okay, how?” I ask and stand up. I walk over to my bags and carry two of them to my bed and open them. “Your dad is Simon Cowell... You’re rich now.” Louis piped up. “I’m not, he is. I don’t really want his money. I have two years left then I’m going back to America.” I grab some hangers and put up a couple shirts. “Well, for now... you’re living in heaven!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry’s point of view She isn’t that great. Yeah, she is hot but she seems bitchy and uptight. Maybe she is just playing hard to get. Maybe she actually wants me. She probably wants me more than the others. I mean honestly... I’m Harry Styles. Simon would flip if i got together with her, let alone snog her! Ha! Snogging her! I wonder what that would be like... I’ll never know though and that is okay by me! I mean look at her. She is wearing tight skinny jeans and a tight shirt. It is like she wants me to want her. Well, I’m not going to. Bet on that, I will be the very last one to like her! I guarantee! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Louis’s point of view She is splendid! She didn’t seem like a crazed fan or anything. She is gorgeous but Eleanor is all i need. This girl seems so quiet. She was actually a lot like Simon. They had some of the same features. The main thing that was alike; their attitude. She wasn’t afraid to tell us what she thought about us and I like it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Niall’s point of view This is girl is kinda snobby. She does remind me a lot like Simon. She is rude, but, we all grew to love him. Maybe we’ll grow to love her. Especially me! She is a total babe and she is hot! Of corse Harry had noticed. He acted like he didn’t care but he had been staring her down all day. Even when we helped her put her clothes away he just stood there awkwardly. At least I talked to her! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Allison’s point of view These boys are all odd. Harry is giving me the creeps, Louis has been chatting me up the entire time and Niall has been laughing at everything i say. I met Liam and Zayn then they both left. I guess Zayn is going on a date and Liam is hanging out with his dad. Another thing about these boys, they had really cute british accents. I mean all of Britain does, but these are teenage boys. I’m not a fan of One Direction; At all! So, when I heard who my real dad was, I was less than thrilled. These heart throbs of the world are going to try their best to seduce me. Which was not going to happen, I guarantee! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “So, here is a toast to my new beautiful daughter staying with me!” Simon raised his glass and made a toast. I smiled and took a sip of my pop. Everyone, everyone else was drinking wine or Champagne. I guess in the UK you can drink at the age of 18, lucky them. “So, Allison, do you know what you want?” Simon ask me. Ever since I have arrived he has had a huge smile planted on his face. “Um, I” Niall cut me off, “She wants peri-peri chicken!” I turned my head to him and released a sigh. I didn’t know what I wanted. Nothing really even looked that good here. Guess Niall could order for me. “Yeah.” I looked at Simon. “You’re going to love it!” Niall giddily said. Simon mouthed a sorry to me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi! I hope you like this book omg guys... my second book! so far my first isnt really going so well in votes and comments... I really am hoping that this one is better. I figured maybe that book just sucks tits? Idk plz guys love this book. Sorry if it is too short mowww I finished my first book and it’s over with. I’m so proud of myself. (: But, comment and tell me how you think this book is gonna be. I've decided to kinda use my name and stuff but, I’m not athletic and skinny and fat boobs. ): But just imagine it, ight? ~AllisonxX

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