Struggle (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Louis Tomlinson is in high school, and he gets a girl pregnant while she's trying to get over a break up..

Includes swears in multiple chapters, and self harm in chapter 5. I can rewrite it without the self harm, if requested.


1. Prologue


-Alexandra's POV-

"Alex. Come on. You have to go to this party!" my best friend Nicole shouted at me. I sat up, and grunted. I hated when anyone called me Alex. I was just getting over my boyfriend who cheated on me, and she was making me go to a party. I really didn't want to, but I put on a pair of skinny jeans and plain black shirt, and straightened my hair before we left.

It was a small party, but it was a good group of people so it would be a lot of fun. She basically dragged me out the door and drove me, speeding the whole way there. Yay. I went in and said hi to a few people, and then stood there awkwardly, looking for something to do. Everyone migrated outside, either to the back deck or the yard or the woods or the hammock. I walked over to the hammock, because that's where Vanessa, my best friend, was. People were flipping each other over on the hammock. No thank you. There was nobody in the woods except for a couple making out. I walked through quietly, and thought I heard footsteps behind me but I didn't really care. I was walking through the woods, and I heard a guys' voice behind me; "Watch out for Slenderman." I jumped a little when he said that, because he was standing right behind me. I turned around, and he was giggling. He had the brightest blue eyes and a really cute smile. "Oh shush!" I said to him. He walked beside me, and said, "Who are you here with, Alexandra?"

-Louis' POV-

"Who are you here with, Alexandra?" I asked her.

"Vanessa.. I don't want to be here though," she replied to me.

"Aw. You'll have more fun later, I promise," I reassured her, and she shot a smile at me. She was so pretty. I heard about how her boyfriend cheated on her, why would anyone even think to cheat on her? I was determined to make her have a good time at the end of this party. We walked in silence for a couple minutes, and then to break the silence, I told her she was really pretty. She blushed and smiled at the ground, and mumbled thank you. "You're welcome," I told her, and Vanessa came into the woods.

"Alexandra! Where have you been! I've been looking for you this whole time! Come on, now let's go get something to eat!" She grabbed Alexandra's wrist and pulled her away from me. Can you not? I jogged to catch up and walked on the side of them. Alexandra and Vanessa walked away from me, and I overheard Vanessa say, "What were you two talking about?" I slowly walked up behind them, and sat next to Alexandra. "Can you leave?" Vanessa said, rudely, but I refused. If Rosa Parks can, I can too. Vanessa finally left and it was just me and Alexandra alone. We were both done eating so we went to throw it all away. There was nobody on the hammock at the time, so we both went on it. We were talking, and I slowly inched my hand towards hers. Once she realized my hand was on top of hers, she interlocked her fingers with mine and smiled up at me. Success!

Everyone was crowding the deck, so Alexandra and I walked up there. 'Non-alcoholic' jello shots were made. We both took one, and they were really good so we had a few more. Some people were stumbling around a lot, so I wondered if they really were non-alcoholic. Probably not, oh well. We all got into a big game of truth or dare in the drive way, and we determined who was going by using an empty soda bottle and spinning it. A few people went, and it landed on me. Vanessa dared me to kiss Alexandra, well then. I leaned in and kissed her, and it lingered for a few seconds. The circle of people cooed, and then we continued on with our game. Alexandra and I kept touching each other's hands, and I grabbed her hand and dragged her inside in the middle of the game. We went inside, and we searched the fridge for alcohol and found wine coolers and a little bit left in a bottle of vodka. We brought two wine coolers upstairs, and the rest of the vodka, and we drank it. She was slurring her words a little bit, and damn, she was so hot. I pressed my lips against hers, and laid her down on the bed.


A/N: Is this good, I really don't know.. And if the Rosa Parks thing offended anyone I'm really sorry.

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