Struggle (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Louis Tomlinson is in high school, and he gets a girl pregnant while she's trying to get over a break up..

Includes swears in multiple chapters, and self harm in chapter 5. I can rewrite it without the self harm, if requested.


4. Chapter 3

-Alexandra's POV- 

*Friday, after school* 

Louis and I had agreed to go rollerblading after school today. I went home to fix my hair and makeup, and waited for him to pick me up. I wore exactly what I wore to school- dark ripped jeans and a gray and white striped sweater. He picked me up at 5:00, and we drove to the rollerblading rink, which was about 20 minutes away. We got there, rented rollerblades, and we attempted to rollerblade. Neither of us were good, so we skated about two laps around the rink and got our shoes back. He seemed like he was having a great time, and so was I, which was good. I seemed to stop worrying about the night at the party for a while, which was also good. There was an empty photo booth there, and we had extra money, so we decided to take pictures. In the first one we smiled, in the second one we had our tongues out, in the third one, we made a duck face, and in the last one, we were both making stupid faces, but right before the picture was taken he kissed me. He pulled away nervously, and stepped out of the photo booth. He seemed nervous when we got out, waiting for our pictures. I grabbed them and looked at them, smiling. When he saw me smiling, he seemed to relax and smiled with relief. I'm pretty sure he was nervous, about what my response would be about him kissing me. 

"There's nothing to do here, why don't we go somewhere else?" Louis asked me, and I agreed. We walked out to his car, and he opened my door for me and smiled. I smiled back at him, and he got in on his side and turned the car on. His car was really old, and he didn't really like the music on the radio, so he had a bunch of mix tapes. He put one in, and the first song that came on was a guy singing while strumming an instrument. Louis sang along, and he could sing well. "I'm in trouble, I'm an addict, I'm addicted to this girl, she's got my heart tied in a knot and my stomach in a whirl, but even worse I can't stop calling her, she's all I want and more I mean damn, what's not to adore?" He stopped singing after that verse, but the rest of the song was adorable, it was talking about how the boy wanted the girl, but he thought she was out of his league. 

We pulled into the parking lot of a 50's style diner, but it was so empty I could probably find a tumbleweed. We went into a booth at the back of the diner and the waitress asked us what we wanted. He ordered a large root beer float, and two straws. Ugh, so cliché, he's lucky he's cute. 

"What's the name of that song you were singing in the car?" I asked him.

"Trouble by Never Shout Never," he replied.

"Thanks. It's really cute," I told him.

"That's why I put it on." 

After he said that, the waitress came over with our drink. I thanked her, and she nodded and walked away. She saved me from a really awkward situation, I don't know how to reply to what he said. I opened one end of my straw wrapper, and blew it at Louis, hitting him in the face. "Oh, it's on!" he said to me, laughing, and blowing his at me. We both put our straws into the drink, except I didn't drink it. I brought some up into the straw but not into my mouth, carefully pulled my straw out, and blew the liquid at him. We did that back and forth until there was none left. I almost peed myself because I laughed so hard, and he probably did too. We both went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up, and we paid and left. I got a text from Vanessa, telling me to sleepover tonight, so I asked him to drop me off at her house instead of my own. I didn't think my parents would mind, but I texted my mother to let her know just in case. 

The car ride back to Vanessa's house was really silent, until Louis said, "Alex, I really like you." 

"Don't call me Alex." I told him. He stayed quiet. Wow, I really am a bitch. Why did I say that. 

About five minutes after that, he pulled into Vanessa's driveway. "Thank you, Louis, I had a great time, I hope we can do it again!" I said to him, and kissed him on the cheek. I got out of the car and he waved at me, grinning, and I went into Vanessa's house. I greeted her brother, and went up into her room.

"Tell me everything that happened!" she said, as soon as I walked through the doorway, so I told her. "Alexandra! Stop playing with his feelings! That's horrible!" she told me, and I sighed. 

"You know what else I've been worried about?" I told her.


"I haven't gotten my period yet and it was due two days ago."

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