I'll never leave you

When 17 year old Ana runs away from her abusive father and her mother died from cancer she realizes that their was a place where she could be safe but she hasn't been their since she was 7 years old,will she be found by her father or will she have to live their the rest of her life until she meets her prince charming to sweep her off her feet read to find out.;)


3. The tree house

When I woke up I didn't know where I was then I remembered the tree that's when all the memories of Mom and every one else came flooding back to my mind.Then my started growling and I and started thinking were I was going to go and then I remembered all the money my Mom gave me before she passed.I looked through my suitcase until I found the $300$ dollars and then I put them inside my pocket and got outside and went walking through the park until I reached the nearest resturantwhen I reached Nandos I went inside ordered my food and found a place I could sit at then all of a sudden someone come close to  me with a friendly smile on his face I thought to myself and said,''don't look into his eyes '' but then I realized his green emerald eyes I couldn't help but smile and my heart started pounding and I was getting really nervous.

Harry's POV: 

                Me and the boys were arguing whether we should spend the summer here in London in our beach house by the lake,or go with our families.Then I was just tired of arguing and left I was a bit hungry so I went to grab a bite at Nandos.When I got their I ordered my food and looked around to see any empty seat's around but then I spoted this beatifull girl sitting by the window looking around when she spotted me and smiled back we just their staring at ourselves until I broke the silence by saiyng,'' excuse me love is this seat taken'' she nodded and I asked her,''Can I sit with you,love''she nodedd and we just sat their talking about ourselves.

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