I'll never leave you

When 17 year old Ana runs away from her abusive father and her mother died from cancer she realizes that their was a place where she could be safe but she hasn't been their since she was 7 years old,will she be found by her father or will she have to live their the rest of her life until she meets her prince charming to sweep her off her feet read to find out.;)


1. My life

Anas POV:

           I have got to get out of here, ana thought to herself the at that moment,her father had called ''Ana come to my room this instant,''then she got up from her bed and went to her father's room then she knocked on the door and the door sprung open her father was standing their with a beer in his hand and in the other one he had a knife then said ''get in '' then as she was told she went in then she her the door bell ring then she thought,this is my chance to escape from my insane father and leave this house forever and never come back,then she went running to her room and got the biggest suitcase she had and went to her drawers and got everything she could grab in there and dumped it inside her suitcase then she heard the door close and stomping coming up the stairs then she closed then zipper on the suitcase and threw her suitcase out of the window out then i jumped 

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