I'll never leave you

When 17 year old Ana runs away from her abusive father and her mother died from cancer she realizes that their was a place where she could be safe but she hasn't been their since she was 7 years old,will she be found by her father or will she have to live their the rest of her life until she meets her prince charming to sweep her off her feet read to find out.;)


5. My First Date

Then we were off to the tree house when we got to hIs car he opened my door then he got In the drIvers sIde after me then we were off told hIm where the park was and to drop me off theIr he had a confused look on hIs face.Then we were at the park and told hIm "goodnIght"but he would let me off lIke that so he saId"you know I don't mInd droppIng you off at your house It's no trouble you know,I can't just leave you walkIng In the nIght lIke thIs c'mon get In I'll drop off at your house" I just stood theIr untIl fInally I managed to say "ThIs Is where I lIve now here come wIth me and I'll show you where I'm stayIng and why" as he was told he got out of hIs car and followed me to the tree house as we where close to the tree house I herd some screamIng the I realIzed It was my dad's voIce then  just stood theIr untIl I notIced hIm comIng us then I had the strength to run to the tree house I grabbed Harry's wrIst and pulled hIm for the house when we got theIr my dad dIdn't see us go through there where the tree house was or as I call It my house now.when we reached my house and I let hIm In even thought It was on a tree It was pretty bIg to be a tree house so he was amazed how bIg It was from the InsIde but how small It was from the outsIde when he was calm I let hIm say what he wanted to say so he just saId "why where we runnIng away from that guy and why are we In a tree house" then I was ready to tell hIm the truth so I went wIth It and fInally saId"well It all started when I was 8 yrs old my mom had cancer and when she left every day I would ether get raped by my father or kIcked,yelled at,and punched because my mom left when I turned 12 I wanted to leave already and go wIth my mom so we can be together agaIn wIthout my dad ether hurtIng us or yellIng at us but he would always be theIr watchIng me so I gave up then when I started hIgh school I would always walk straIght home to my dad wIth ether a beer or tequIla In his hands so I started makIng some plans about leavIng so that's why I went to to thIs tree house that I remembered since I was 7 yrs old and then I got hungry and I got the money that I have kept saving since I was 13 and went to Nandos to get  a bIte to eat and I met you so that's why" he was stunned by what I said because he just sat theIr frozen like an Ice block or a manachan until I waved my hand infront of hIs face and he fInally snapped out of hIs thoughts.Then before anyone could say anything his phone rang when he herd the other person on the phone speeking he had a worried look on his face then he hung up and he only said a few words before leading me back into his car and starting the engine and speeding off to the road "we have to go to the hospital now" those words were playing in my head over and over again until we holted to a stop and got out of his car. 

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