I'll never leave you

When 17 year old Ana runs away from her abusive father and her mother died from cancer she realizes that their was a place where she could be safe but she hasn't been their since she was 7 years old,will she be found by her father or will she have to live their the rest of her life until she meets her prince charming to sweep her off her feet read to find out.;)


4. Lunch with Harry

Ana's POV:

                    I was sitting their waiting for my food when this man came up to me and asked if he could sit next to me I said yes.Then he asked if I was around here I nodded my head yes he was talking about how everything then he was talking about his friends that where here with him he said he was in a band called 'One Direction' and that he was on tour.Then I was thinking of his name and I never asked him about it so I stopped the conversation and told him this ''Um i really didn't get your name their'' I asked he said that it was ''Harry Style's ''and I didn't get your name ether love'' ''Ana Sagger'' ''why that's a beautiful name their love,and sorry for asking this,but you think you can give me your number for I can call you sometime for we can do something and you could meet my friend's too.''yeah sure it's 782-2364 ok now can I get your's too cheesy pant's'' I say winking ''yeah sure it's 935-6751 and call when ever your lonely ok'' ''ok'' then I look outside the window and look at my phone it's 9:00 already I think that us talking was keeping me from going home then I said ''It's getting pretty late I should probably go now '' yeah I agree love we should probably get going c'mon love let me drive you home'' ''oh no thanks I'll go walking it's better I don't want to bother you anymore than I am'' ''love that's the least you could do is bother me '' ''ok then let's go.'' then left the resturantand started on our way to the tree house.


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