I'll never leave you

When 17 year old Ana runs away from her abusive father and her mother died from cancer she realizes that their was a place where she could be safe but she hasn't been their since she was 7 years old,will she be found by her father or will she have to live their the rest of her life until she meets her prince charming to sweep her off her feet read to find out.;)


7. Hospital

Harry's POV:

               I couldn't believe what Liam had just told me how could this happen to Niall if he was so responsible and carefull but my thoughts where pushed away when we arrived at the Hospital their where a lot of directioner's and fan's their screaming Niall's name every second,but I didn't care because I just cared how Niall was so I rushed by the crowd of directioner's and made my way to the front desk where a lady was and asked for Niall James Horan she told us room 312 I thanked her and we made our way to the elevator the doors opened and we got out and looked for room number 312 307,309,310,304,finally we arrived at room number 312.I opened the door only to find Liam,Zayn,Louis,and Elenour sitting in the chairs that were their and their eyes all puffy and red from crying then I saw Niall wrapped in bandages like a mummy but in a bed hospital with both legs up then Liam got up "Harry let's talk outside and I'll tell you what happened" "ok let's go" when we were in the hallway "ok so we were in the house when Niall got hungry and went to Nando's then he was a stop light it turned green and he went then all of a sudden a truck comes really fast and tumbles with his car and went rolling until it stopped then we heard the news and we came as quick as we could when we he was already in sergury so we had to wait until he got into his room so now he is that's when I called you and tolled you to come and we arrived here" I was speachless with some tears running down my face I couldn't believe this is happening even though it is it's like I've been in a dream all along but I had to figure out what's been happening but part of me knew this was all a dream that I couldn't escape.then we went inside to see that Ana and Elenour crying their eyes out I went over to comfort her and Louis did the same to Elenour.

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