Shall we climb Everest?

Its about the meeting a new friend new and caring about them a lot. Then figuring out how to dealing with that person going into a somewhat new relationship.
I was in a total "being single" state of mind and didn't realise how much I feel for them.


1. Shall we climb Everest?


So we’ll go on this hike together.
I’ll pack you golden ambition and swallow a spoon full of hope. 
Not forgetting that berry jar of sweet anticipation about seeing your alluring smile again. 
We’ll pack the what if’s, but continue to zip up the sack of choices. 

We see the mountain top from the bedroom window, way beyond the city lights. 
Then begin to map out how we make it through the struggling streets, while
jumping over familiar cracked concrete and remembering the forward thinking reasons of why we left it behind. 

The lodged window sash holds the pane that has its own stories to tell of a few names beveled into its face. 
Wooden frame, double crossed, scared and scratched.
Possibly treated with resin but withered with time and painted afresh.

Pack the compass for assurance. 
Guessing never gets anyone far, just circling the map over and over. 
We’er great swimmers; so to speak. 
So dont pack the raincoat, but in reflection of you EVER needing it drowns me completely.

It’s time to wear suitable shoes now, despite what I always say.
Sometimes the only way is jumping, but I’ve become frozen to sudden heights. 
Lets leave the fuel for thought. Besides, we’ll never need it.
Serendipity just played her tune to….Things Just Happen. 

So don’t worry about your trail, I know it’s mounted in the most special ways. 
Randomly crossing paths? Wow! It surly was nice to meet you anyway…

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