Love You

Alley was a regular girl who lived in England. She meets a very charming boy who lives in her neighbor hood. Will she end up being in a relationship with him?


2. Who Are You?

Alley's POV I was walking on the  sidewalk and looking around my new neighbor hood and came across a park I sat down on a bench and took out my IPhone5. I up at the sky and started to play games on my phone after 10 minutes of using my phone I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see a boy with emerald green eyes. I look at him for a long time in the eye because they were just so beautiful. After 5 minutes of starting in his eyes I said hi to brake the silence. " hello, love". I say there in silence and thought Why he called me that but I just pushed it aside from my mind and said " Hi my names Alley :)!! " oh my names Harry, Harry Styles." " oh I know you you're from one direction." " don't worry I won't freak out" " oh alright so............ can I shot next top y-you?" Harry stuttered. " of course you can!!" " It's not my bench so you can sit down whenever you want!" We both started to laugh together and talk. It was about 9:00 when I looked on my phone. " hey Harry do you want to come over to my house your mom won't mind will she?" I asked Harry. " no my mom won't mind but that answer belongs to you will your mom mind?" " no I live alone I moved out of their house when I was I don't know how old." " oh alright!"

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