Love You

Alley was a regular girl who lived in England. She meets a very charming boy who lives in her neighbor hood. Will she end up being in a relationship with him?


3. Popsicle

Harry and I went in my kitchen and I said " you want a Popsicle because I want a Popsicle because if I have a Popsicle you need a Popsicle and if you don't have a Popsicle then I don't get a Popsicle so we should both get a Popsicle!!! OK!!" " oh yeah I want a Popsicle!!" We both threw a big fat laugh and I got a Popsicle for both of us. What a good Popsicle we both had I mean I got grape qr both got grape. I went in my room and got my laptop and went back downstairs I saw Harry looking at my pictures so I hid in a corner like place so he won't see me I saw him turn around bit he didn't see me. I went again to see what he was looking at and he said....... TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!

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