Love You

Alley was a regular girl who lived in England. She meets a very charming boy who lives in her neighbor hood. Will she end up being in a relationship with him?


4. Popsicle 2/2

Alley's POV I looked at him and he said " she is so beautiful in these pictures.." " I think I'm falling for her but she will never know." " I have to tell her one day or else someone else would get her like the lads." I started to go down the stairs like nothing happened. Harry's POV I heard someone come down stairs so I article quickly turned around. I thought, did  see me? Alley's POV very funny putting that cheeky smile on while I heard everything. I guess I can tell him in at like 9:35. It's only like 9:10 so heh I don't care. 9:35 Harry's POV  it was 9:35 and we were on the couch watching movies it was Friday so who cares if I go to bed at 10:00 when I felt someone tap on my arm I looked at Alley and she said " you know I need to tell you something." Oh no, is she gonna say she has a boyfriend??!! " I saw everything." What does she mean she saw everything? " what do you mean?" "I mean I heard you say that I was beautiful." OH NO!! She heard that oh my. What am I gonna say she already knows so I guess I can't lie. "Uhm.... I.A-" " don't worry. It's just that I wanted to tell you and not like in 5 days of waiting to tell you I can't keep many secrets. So"

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