Love You

Alley was a regular girl who lived in England. She meets a very charming boy who lives in her neighbor hood. Will she end up being in a relationship with him?


7. Nandos

Alleys POV I walked to the bathroom to take a shower and then came Harry without a FRIGGIN' TOWEL!!!!!! "Harry put some friggin' clothes on!!!" I yelled he ran back in the bathroom and grabbed a towel. "Sorry......." Harry said. "I need to tell you something, I know we only must for a few days but I really like you......... Will you be my girlfriend?" He said

Harry's POV she looked at me with an unsure face and said "Of course Harry." She ssmiled. I signed in relief that she said yes. I'm going to make sure no one hurts her. "Hey uhm the bonus and I said we'd go to Nandos for lunch you wanna come?" "Yeah sure, but I got to take a shower and you have to put some clothes on." She laughed. Oh how I love her pretty laugh. She went in the bathroom and took a shower and I chaos some clothes to wear.

Alleys POV I got out of the shower and took a towel I was so happy that I was THE HARRY STYLES is girlfriend I went to the sink to brush my teeth and comb my hair when I was done I got out picked out my clothes to wear. I wore a blue stripped Hollister shirt with a blue Hollister tank top and jeans I put on just a tad bit of makeup and wore blue earrings. I went over to Harry and he smirked. "Hi there gorgeous!" He said. Oh typical kind of Harry. "Well hello!" I said cheerfully. "You ready to go?" "Well yeah I'm here dressed so yeah." "OK leggo." We got to Nandos and saw a whole bunch of fans outside. Harry took hold of my waist and I put my head on his chest we FINALLY got in Nandos and then that's when I saw the   boys.

HHey I'm doing a contest for you guys for the open guys in one direction there is Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn. So whoever is the first to comment down below gets whatever boy they want.~Sunny.

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