Love You

Alley was a regular girl who lived in England. She meets a very charming boy who lives in her neighbor hood. Will she end up being in a relationship with him?


6. More talk, less sleep

Alley's POV we were both sitting on the couch when I decided to get some blankets sand I've cream. I got back top the couch and put the freezing ice cream in his lap "COLD" Harry screamed. I just laughed and handed him a spoon. I had a blanket and he just snatched and wrapped it around the both of us. I started to cuddle with him and he planted a smirk on his face. " what is it?" " what do you mean?" Harry said " you started to smirk when I started to cuddle with you." " that's cuz I know you Love me. I just rolled my  eyes. We just started to talk when I asked this question. " do you like me Harry???" Harry started t to blush " y-y-yeah" " I like you too." ;)

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