Love by chance

Georgia: Sweet, funny, kind, talented, althletic, popular, cheerleader, in love.
Harry: Player, crude humour, mean, talented, althletic, popular, jock, in love.

Yeah, I know what the possiblitys are right now. Your thinking that Harry and Georgia are hopelessly in love. Good girl gone bad. Blah blah blah. BUT! You are wrong.

They hate, despise each other. Georgia Hates him. Harry hates her. Will everything change when a certain photo goes viral? Who


2. Can you learn to love?

Georgia's POV


I rushed into my home, hiding the wounded hip. "Honey. Why are you home so late?" My Mum asked me. I told her some shit about going to Ivy's house. She eventually belived it and I ran upstairs.

I peeled my top off to inspect to gash. From afar you would believe it to be from a knive. But up close you can see the bruise his hand left, and and nail marks. I waddled into the bathroom and turned the luke-warm water on.

People usually turn it on really hot, but it hurts me. The doctor told me when I was 5 years old, I was hyper-sensitive. It suprised me that I didn't feel Harry injure me. Maybe the fact he had me pinned up against the wall shocked me. I stepped into the shower, letting the water wash over me.

Sometimes I wish all my problems could be gone, just as easily as the water down the drain. But nothings that easy, ever.

As my mind flicked through random thoughts, my dream came up. Why were the people picking on me. It might possibly be a sign. Like in those movies. Were the innocent little girl had nightmares about people being killed, then the next day, they get killed. Or like in that episode of 'Ghost whisperer'. Were that girl drew the things on her notebook. Like people dying, and sooner or later, that thing happened.

As I got lost in my thoughts, the shower lost all hot water. I cursed under my breath and carefully walked from the booth.. I leaped into my pajamas, only to be called downstairs by my mother.

I skipped down the stairs. "Yes, Mo- What are they doing here." I groaned as The Styles family appeared at the bottom of the stairs. "They are over for dinner, sweetie!" My Mother chriped. I glared at her when she called me sweetie. I apologised for my arrogence and took a seat on the sofa.

"Harry, dear. Would you like anything?" My Mother sweetly chirped. I rolled my eyes at his responce. "No thank you, Mrs. Harley. I would much rather sit and watch television with...Georgia." The way he said my name sent chills up my spine.

Not much later I felt a weight change on the sofa. "Hey, babe." He wrapped an arm around my waist. It funnily landed right on the spot he tore the skin from. I winced in pain. "Are you alright?" He asked in a overly happy tone. "I hate you, Harry." I groaned. "Learn to love me." He whispered in my ear. I bit his, and he laughed. "I love it when their a bit kinky."

I huffed and stood from the sofa. He stood up with me. "MUM! WHENS DINNER READY?!" I shouted. "IN 20 MINUTES, ENTERTAIN HARRY, WOULD YOU?" She shouted back. Harry's face lit up.

"I have a way you could entertain me." He said, his hand caressing my face. I slapped his hand away. "Ummmm, wanna go up to my room?" I asked. He grinned and nodded. "So your gonna entertain me?" He asked. I glared and shook my head at him. He frowned and followed me up to my room.

I threw the doors back to show my room. He smiled at the Cody Simpson posters stuck up on the walls. He dived onto my bed, pulling me with him. I landed on my bad hip, screaming out in pain. It wasn't a blood curtling scream. It was more of a, muffled-by-the-pillow scream. He turned me around smiling.

"Did I hurt you that bad?" He muttered, with that STUPID grin on his face. He began to lift the half of my shirt that covered my wound. He smiled estatically when he saw the shocking bruise, followed by the wound. "Why do you hate me?" I asked him. He frowned, then smiled. "Cause you rejected me. And I HATE it when girls reject me. They lose so much when they say no. Their dignity. Their boyfriends. Their friends. Their popularity. Their spot on the cheerleading squad." He whispered in my ear. "You don't want to do this Harry." I whispered back, feeling his goosebumps. "I can. I can tell Chelsea that you came onto me. And I can tell Kyle to do something extra mea to you. I'm very powerful." He whispered back. "EWWWW! GROSS! GET OFF EACH OTHER!" Gemma squealed. I chuckled and pushed Harry onto the floor.

"Ummmm, your Mum says that dinner is ready." Gemma nervously spoke. "Gemma, we didn't do anything our Grandmothers wouldent approve of." I reassured her. She smiled and nodded. "Your too good for him. I know it's a bit mean of his own sister to say that, but he dosent treat women right." She said, leading me downstairs. I chuckled and sent a wink back to Harry, who flipped me off.

I smiled and blew a kiss before leaving the room. I heard him groan before getting up. Gemma turned around. "Dinner isn't actually done. I only wanted to check that you two went doing each other." She said before pushing us back into the room.

It didn't take 2 second for Harry to open his mouth when Gemma shut the door. "I sent a messege to Kyle. He is sending the photos to everybody at school." He growled. I didn't understand. "But, he sent them to me first." Harry lifted up his phone, revealing nude photos of me. I gasped. I felt tears slip. "I can still send cancellation." He whispered. I looked up. "If you give me your virginity." He said with a smiled. I spat in his face. "I wouldent if you were the last man on this earth." I growled.

He sent a messege to Kyle. Within econds I got texts. I unlocked my phone with shakey hands.

I'm gonna have fun with these photos ;) ~ Jimmy

Eww! Slut! I should be on that squad! ~ Sarah

What a whore! ~ Manelly

P-H-O-T-O-S-H-O-P-P-E-D! ~ Ivy

I can't wait untill I get you in bed, hoe. ~ Harry Styles :(

Maybe I should put you off the squad. ~ Chelsea

Happy with what you have caused yourself? Nobody breaks up with me. ~ Kyle\

I dropped the phone on the floor. "H-Harry..." I said through tears. He looked up. I couldent help it. I needed a hug. I fell into his arms, letting the tears fall-freely. He shushed me and told me that 'everything would be alright'. Dont ask me why I cryed in his arms, he was the one who brought it onto me.

I tore myself from his arms and stomped into my bathroom. I locked the door behind me. "Let me in, Gee. I'll make everything better." He said with obvious slease. I looked at myseklf in the mirror. Evil, slutty, whore, insecure and lonley. I would mention a whole more words, but I won't.

I reached into my cupboard and pulled out a razor. I slowly cut on a place that wasn't revealed. I cut a few more times and covered it up with a band-aid before lowering my shirt. I unlocked the door and hugged Harry. "I can tell everyone their photoshopped for you. But give me your virginity."

I realised that I was cuddling up to a maniac who wants to basically r@pe me. I gave him a look before pulling myself from him. I looked in my mirror. Something funny about me: You can never tell I've been crying when I have.

I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist. I struggled to get out of his grip. "Come on, just, just give it to me!" He growled into my ear. I finally got out of his grip. "Please!" He asked, giving me puppy eyes. Shit. I can't resist the puppy eyes. He smiled when he saw me breaking. NOT THE DIMPLES! I broke. "I can kiss you..." I muttered. His smile grew. He gentley pulled me into his grip and softly kissed me.

The kiss left me craving more. As he drew out, I found myself pulling him back in. "Calm down. It's the wrong thing to do. I have a girlfriend." He groaned before leaving my room. I sat down, confused of the latest happenings.

I wallowed in my bed before hearing my Mother call my name for dinner. I sprung to life before jogging downstairs. I saw Harry sitting at the dinner table, grinning happily. I looked for a seat, but suprisingly, Harry saved a seat for me.

I walked happily to my seat. I sat down on the wooden chair. The dinner began. "So, Georgia! What do you want to be when you grow up?" Anne asked. I looked up from my food. "Either a dancer or an actress." I said. "Oh! Harry is auditioning for the X-factor! If he doesent make it through, his gonna be a lawyer." Anne said proudly. "Oh, Harry is VERY good at persuading." I said, giggling lightly. "Oh, you would know." He said, looking into my eyes.

"You two would make such a cute couple!" Anne and Mum said in perfect unison. I glared at my Mother, as did Harry to his own. "I don't think so. Georgia is too hot." Gemma said. I giggled and praised her. "I can't win." Harry muttered. I looked around, nobody else heard him.

I gently placed my hand on his thigh. He whimpered and looked at me. I slowly wiggled my hand closer to his crotch. I could see he was struggling not to let out his emotions. I released my hand from his leg.

"Harry, do you have a girlfriend?" My mother rudley asked. "Ummm. It's kinda complicated right now," He turned, dividing his attention. ", my girlfriend is wonderful and all, but somebody else is distracting me." He said huskily.

"Have you ever taken an interest in Georgia?" My mother asked 2 times as rudley. "Possibly. I'd rather keep that for her to find out." He said. I felt a blush coming on.

"Well, when little Georgia was 15 she came back home with the BIGGEST crush on you. And to this very day, she thinks you broke her heart by kissing her best friend." My mother cooed. "Mum. TMI" I shouted through gritted teeth.

"WOW! What a coinsidence! Harry liked Georgia a-" "We talked about this." Harry said calmly. His voice so calm, it was scary. I heard his mother giggle.


*after dinner*


Harry and his family were about to leave. "Come on, Gee! Say your goodbyes to Harry." She cooed. I shuddered when she said Harry's name. I groaned and walked to Harry.

"Goodbye, Styles." I muttered. "Gee. Learn to love me. All your problems will be gone. Bye." He said while slamming the doo rin my face.









Can you learn to love?

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