Love by chance

Georgia: Sweet, funny, kind, talented, althletic, popular, cheerleader, in love.
Harry: Player, crude humour, mean, talented, althletic, popular, jock, in love.

Yeah, I know what the possiblitys are right now. Your thinking that Harry and Georgia are hopelessly in love. Good girl gone bad. Blah blah blah. BUT! You are wrong.

They hate, despise each other. Georgia Hates him. Harry hates her. Will everything change when a certain photo goes viral? Who


1. Where it all begins

Georgia's POV


I walked into the hot halls of my familair high-school. I notice people grimancing at me. I stopped to think what they were oogling about. I shrugged it off and continued walking. The stares continued the whole way up the halls. I continued walking.

I slowly walked into the locker rooms, changing for cheerleading practise. The captains and the rest of the team were standing there, waiting. I plonked my bag down next to me. Chelsea, head cheerleader, snapped her head to my direction.

"What the hell were you thinking, huh?!" She yelled. I stood back. "I-I have no idea what your talking about." I groaned. She scoffed. "YOUR OFF THE SQUAD!" She yelled. I shrank down to the down and picked up my bag. I have absolulty no idea what happened. I nodded and walked out the room.

I paced down the hall. "SLUT!" Someone yelled. The halls were soon filled with cruel words. I stopped to think what could have caused this. Last night was your average night. Apart from the break-up with Kyle. I turned around and Saw Kyle with his gang.

"NOBODY BREAKS UP WITH ME WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!" He yelled. I started screaming. All of a sudden Freddy Cruger popped up and walked toward me. "GEORGIA! WAKE UP!!" He yelled. I dropped to the floor screaming. "WAKE UP!!"

I opened my eyes and saw classmates gasping at me. "DON'T KILL ME!" I yelled. I noticed I had fallen alseep during class. "Detention is THAT bad." Miss Furrey Groaned. "Remember? Detention! The punishment for sleeping in class." She said with a smile.

I groaned and looked down at my work. I felt a tap to my back and I turned to see my wonderful friend, Ivy. "What were you dreaming about?" She asked. I sighed. "About breaking up with Kyle." She nodded. "You must really hate him....dreaming about breaking up with him." I rolled my eyes.

Ivy had never approved of me dating Kyle. She always claimed that he was using me, for popularity. I never believed her. Surly he couldent be using me. His just sooooooo sweet.




Ivy and I took out lunch trays to our usuall packed lunch table. Ivy quickly took the spot next to Niall. That girl has suuuuuuch a crush on him. I groaned as I saw the last spot. Harry. I walked over to the seat. "Hey, hoe." He said. "Harry, just, just don't" I groaned. He smiled and wrapped an arm around my waist.

I pulled him off. "You know you love it." He said while slapping the part of my ass that I wasn't sitting on. I gasped and pulled him off. "Harry, we spoke about this." Kyle said from across the table. "I can't help it if your girlfriend is easy." He said, half-smirking. Kyle chuckled. "True." I gasped. "Your a dickhead, you know that?" I whisper-shouted to him.

"Oh, babe! Don't get all angry! Wait, do get angry. Your hot when your angry." He growled. I stood up from the table and walked away. "It's over, Kyle." I huffed. "Come on babe, over this?" He yelled. I swivled around and threw a hamburger at him. "YOU CALLED ME EASY!" I yelled.

Harry grinned and relaxed, watching the havoc unravel around him. "WELL I CAN'T HELP BUT TELL THE TRUTH!" He yelled. A small crowd started to stare at us. He threw a salad at me. I growled and threw a bowl of soup at him. Harry began laughing. I grabbed my pudding cup and poured it through his hair. He stood up angrily. He picked up a gravy-filled burger and shoved in into my bra. His hands lingered for a few second to long. I slapped him.

People started joining in with the fight. I laughed as Harry slipped over discarded noodles. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me down with him. I shrieked and grabbed a peice of discarded pizza and smeared it all over his face. "I HATE PEPORONI!" He yelled. I giggled. Before I knew it, Harry wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer.

"EW! NO, JUST, NO!" I pulled while pushing away. He frowned and got up. I got up with him. I smirked and pulled down his pants, revealing the pac man undies. I laughed and slapped his ass. "WHAT A NERD!" I yelled. He glared at me and poured a pudding cup down my bra. He looked down into the cups and his eyes lit up.

I slapped his face away before turning towards the principle. "I'm glad you 2 enjoyed your perving session. The fight ended 5 minutes ago." She said, smirking. I blushed and walked as far as possible away from Harry.

"Now, what started this?" The principle said. Ivy told the whole story from my point of view (A/N: or....POV) "You all have after school detention. And Harry, Georgia. I believe you 2 already have detention today. You 2 will have to stay and paint the brick wall that has been covered in tags after detention." I groaned. I looked over at Harry.




Ivy and I walked into the room full of rebels and goths. I shuddered and clung onto someone. "Calm down..." He said. I looked up and saw Harry Styles grinning. I pulled off him at once. "Just admit. You love me."

I removed my hands and took a seat. Much to my expectation, Styles sat next to me. "Why don't you sit with Kyle?" I asked. He tensed when I wafted the words out. "His a dick. I wouldent do that to Chelsea. If he called her easy, at the most, I would punch him. But agreeing? Thats low." He groaned. I raised an eyebrow. "You were picking a fight?" He sighed and nodded. "My bad-boy image has been lowered as soon as I started dating Chelsea." I nodded.

I knew that Chels was gonna break his heart. She's a bitch! What more could you expect. "What were Chelsea's thoughts of you looking into my bra?" I asked with a chuckled. He grinned. "She said that yours couldent compare. Did you see her face when you pulled my pants down?! She thought you were gonna give me a bl*owj*b!" I laughed along with Harry. As we sobered Harry opened his mouth. "Your alright, Brooks. Your aaaalright." I smiled at his comment. "Your still a dickhead." He gasped and playfully slapped my arm. "I'm not kidding. You broke me and Kyle up. Then you looked down my bra. Your a fag." I growled, realising the events.

He tensed up. "And your a bitch." I furrowed my brows in anger. "Go fuck that whore of yours." I growled. I saw his fist tense up. "Go ahead...punch me. It'll add you your 'bad-boy image'." I growled. He looked at me with a grin. "I have a better idea. When we paint the brick wall." He whispered back. I smirked. "Your on."


*After-after school*


"Now, paint the WHOLE  wall in cream paint. If I see any spots with smudged paint tomorrow, you will redo the WHOLE wall." Our Principle growled. I groaned, but Harry seemed happy.

The principle left us to do our dutys. I picked up the large brush and began painted the wall. Harry contained his mischevious grin. Around, 20, minutes passed by. We still had not covered 1/2 the wall. We had only covered 1/8 of the wall.

As I got lost in my painting, something rammed me into the wall. "DON'T EVER TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT AGAIN!" He yelled. I noticed his hand was tightening around my waist. "H-Harry, your hurting me." I hushed out. It seemed like he tightened. "Do you like that?" He whispered into my ear, sending chills down my spine. He began slowly grinding against me. "D-dont'." I pushed out. He smiled before slapping me.

I fell to the floor in pain. "I thought boys didn't hit girls." I said, through small tears. "Well, your not a girl. Your a pig, a slut. You just let me grind against you. You are a female dog." He chuckled. I felt the tears gush out as I ran from the school, all the way home. It was then I realised.





My waist is bleeding.

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