The blade

some are lyrics, ideas, poems, own lyrics


2. The thought of you and me *My P.O.V*

*My point of view*

When was it wrong?
To cry over you? 
I close my eyes,
And when life feels wrong

I cant seem to fight back
The pain left behind
I'm falling apart
I can't get up

Where are you?
When I need you the most?
Broken into a million pieces
Heart shattering

Darkness upon me, no light found
Silent crying, not heard
Hoping the pain will go away

I look side to side,
Trying to find my way out
I cant seem to to fight
There' no way I'm winning
This stupid game

*Stares down the ground*
Found a blade,
Crying my name out loud
I try not to give in, 
But the blade seems to win

Long sleeve shirts and sweaters,
Covering up those scars
That I hate so much
More pain left behind
That I'm not proud

Slow, so slow,
I feel to the ground
On my knees

Trying so hard,
To never give in
As I keep holding on

I will not fall,
No more

I need confidence
To pull me back up

I need you by my side,
I need your touch

Help me find my way out,
Help me find my path,
For me to walk in.

There is no way,
I will find my way out
If you wont help me,
Find my faith, my hope, and my belief

Of getting out in this darkness pain,
That just leaves scary thoughts and nightmares
In my mind

So help me find my way out,
I only need you,
With me...

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