The blade

some are lyrics, ideas, poems, own lyrics


1. The thought of you and me *friends P.O.V*

*friends point of view*

Never have I waited this long

To wait for someone

I close up my eyes when life just feels

So wrong


And I feel so done

I'm broken into a million pieces

Never have I ever felt this


Broken shadows and dimming lights

Crying my way through the night,

Hoping my pain

Will go away




Pain lifts when you find a way out

But I can't seem to win

Stare- downs with a knife until it wins

And I always give in


Long sleeve shirts to cover up the scars

That I hate so much

Wondering how long we'll be apart


How I miss your touch

Give me confidence in you and me

Give me hope

As I drop down on my knees


Give me hope

I can not stop the thought of you and me

So give me confidence

In you and me


(I didn't not wrote this. My friend did. Not sure if is from a song or her own personal poems)



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