I'm Just Human...

I was that scary, weird girl walking in the hallway. Even though i went to private school, i hated it. Their were jocks, chearleaders, nerds, and everything else... The members of One Direction all went their. They were so annyoing. They were whores, yes WHORES! I hate them. They ruined my life.. Welcome to my life...
Everything changed when i talked to HIM. I hated him at first but now i feel different.

I'm Monica De Luna and i'm emo.


1. i'm not normal....

''BEEP- BEEP !''

My stupid, loud alarm clock rang.

Ugh Monday mornings. -.-t

I stood up and got adjusted to the light. I went to my closet and stood their looking at my clothes. I got a black longed sleeved shirt and and a 'ASKING ALEXANDRIA' shirt for on top. I instantly got some black skinny jeans. I got my gray compat boots. Whatever?

I went to the bathroom and looked at my reflection. EWW. I brushed my teeth quickly. I got a comb and fixed my turquoise hair. It came out wavy. I seriously hated my hair. Then i looked at my skin, pale white. I cant even get a tan ! .______. I hate my skin color. The only thing i liked about myself was my big, blue eyes. I was done. I grabbed my bag and went downstairs. Nobody was home, the ususal... I didn't even bother to get breakfast. I went walking to school listening to music.

My school is like a normal high school, there's jocks, chearleaders, nerds.... Everything. The people i hate the most are the members of One Direction. Their so annoying. Dirty whore bags.

I walked in the hallway getting looks, the usual !

''eww, when will she change.''

I heard someone whisper.

"yuck, she looks dead.''

someone else whispered.

I kept on walking, i was near my room. I was currently looking down. Then i bump into someone.

'' oh sorry love .''

I heard someone in a british accent. He was helping me up since i fell. Then i looked at his face. Ugh Liam Payne from One Direction.

'' its okay, i gotta go !''

I said hushly.

Like i said i hate them.

''Babe, i never caught your name.''

He said looking at my eyes. Almost lost in them ? Awkward..

'' Well i never 'threw' it at you.'

I replied sarcastically. He chuckled.

'' well i have to go.''

I said fast and walked away from him.

I went to my class and sat away in the corner.

The class later got filled in quickly. That's when I saw Harry flirting with a red head. Zayn kissing/ making out with a blonde. Niall eating. Louis being an attention whore. And Liam.... Liam reading a book. The usual?

'' okay guys take a seat, today we have a project assignment.''

My teacher Mr. Russell said and everyone groaned except for me.

'' And were going to do it with a partner.''

He continued. The class cheared.

He paired everyone as i was waiting to hear my name.

'' Monica and.... Liam.''

My head bulged up. What ?! NO

Liam looked at me and smirked. I just glared at everyone.

'' Hi, buddy."

Liam said standing infront of me smiling brightly.

Okay so what you guys think???? Good ? Bad ?? TELL MEEE

Worth continuing ??

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