The gun fire

Mia, a 19 year old girl finds herself falling in love. Is it the right guy? You will have to see. Also this is a DIRTY fanfic


1. Getting started

You are waiting at the airport in London for your dad. When you see a cute boy, brown, straight hair, skinny, muscular. You decide to go over you purposely bump into him. " oh, I am so sorry" you say to the cute solider. " oh it fine, I am Nial, and you" he says with a thick Irish accent. "Mia, can I get your number, do you live here?" you say " yes, I do" he says writing his address and number, he hands it to you as you two walk outside. On the paper it also says "I am single" you yell "I am single too" you get your dad and leave.
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