You're My Missing Piece

Peyton is a tough girl with a soft center and Austin is a soft guy with a tough center. The both of them are childhood friends who have a bitter sweet, love hate relationship, and so their story unfolds.


2. Whatever

Peyton walk down the busy streets of LA, California in cargo pants, a hoodie, and skater shoes. She had her hair tucked in the hoodie with the hood way over her eyes and walked with a slouch and swayed back and forth as she made her way into a dark ally. She made her way towards a door at the end of the ally and walked in muttering to herself.

"Surprise!" Confetti fell from above when she was greeted by shady looking thugs and delinquents. "Hope you feel better!" They moved out of her way as she walk to the end of the room and sat in her special spot on the couch. She wasn't in the mood and crossed her arms and legs, then pouted and gives the group a displeased 'hmmm!'

"C'mon Pey, don't be like that! After you told us about him, we were up all night looking for him!" A tall slender boy pats Peyton's head and sticks out his pierced tongue. "Bring him out guys!" He claps his hand and someone was shoved in front of Peyton. It was a boy that was badly beaten and bruised nearly half to death.

"Huu, I see!" Peyton smiles brightly and unfolds her arms to support her head and spreads her legs open to sit like a guy. She bends down and stares in the boys face, "How did it feel? How did it feel when you were sucking that girls face off when you were supposed to be with me? Do you think this is a good punishment? I am saving the other girls from monster like you, fucking cheater!" She stands up and kicks him across the room, eyes filled with rage and blood lust.


Austin lazed around the his house with nothing to do. He had already finished his homework and wondered if Peyton had done hers yet, probably not. He opened his closet, his clothes were normal; they weren't thug like or classy like, just normal... But for some reason Peyton always made his clothes look like something a delinquent would wear. He put on some pencil jeans and a T-shirt along with a vest and made his way to the park, where his friends hung out.

"Austin! We were wondering when you were going to come!" Two girls latched themselves on both of his arms and dragged him back to rest of the group.

"Listen to this, man. David, you know him? You know how he was going out with the one hot girl Peyton? Well he was stupid enough to go with another girl and he's been missing ever since he kissed that new girl good night!" Austin's friend laughed a little while he shook his head as if to say 'he's such a fool.' Austin shook his head and pretended to have no idea. "Man, that girl, Peyton, is a beauty, it's such a waste that she hangs out with thugs and the likes! She's practically a whore being surrounded by that many shady looking guys, it's such a shame!" The girls in the group giggled.

"She's not just a whore, maybe a slut? Do you think she's still a virgin? She probably spread her legs for anyone!" The group laughed before moving on to the next topic on cram school. It pained Austin to hear these things about Peyton, since they were so untrue, but it doesn't seem to bother Peyton in the slightest. He wondered why is it that she was contempt with her life when she was an outcast and why he felt like something was off when he had everything he could ask for. He felt a twitch in his chest that made him uncomfortable, he clutched his chest and thought of something else.
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