You're My Missing Piece

Peyton is a tough girl with a soft center and Austin is a soft guy with a tough center. The both of them are childhood friends who have a bitter sweet, love hate relationship, and so their story unfolds.


6. The Base

Peyton stood in front of the door to the base and exhaled. Austin kicked her forward gently.

"These guys aren't exactly light, so if you don't hurry up and open the door I will drop them, and they will die. You will be blamed for their deaths." He was too immersed in his old personality, that was what scared Peyton the most. His delinquent personality was pulling her innocent side out, and she would be useless and stupid. She opened the door and walked in.

"Peyton!! I was beginning to think you weren't going to come today, everybody left except for Ethan and he's super scary! I mean look at that!" Danny pointed to the kitchen where a dark shadow was violently hacking at a piece of meat, blood splattered on the walls as the shadow chopped away. The lights were turned off and and the only thing you could see clearly was the gleam of the large knife. "It looks like a scene from a horror movie!" Peyton walked over to her special seat and sprawled herself out.

"Ethaaaaaaaaan~! Give me sweets!" She looked up at Austin and motioned over to a couch where he dumped the bodies in front of and sat down himself. "By the way this is Austin, he is my childhood friend, he's usually a goody goody but I managed to get his bad side out." Ethan came out from the kitchen whipping his hands on his apron and tossing a cup of store brought flan towards Peyton.

"I don't like this guy! He's suspicious looking and I think he has a crush on Peyton! You can't have her! I called dibs!" Danny stared at Austin with wide eyes, trying not to blink. Austin looked over at him and flicked his forehead causing him to flinch backwards.

"Haha, I like this guy." Ethan chuckles, Peyton pulled the foil off the cup and sipped the loose syrup on the top.

"Spoon." Peyton held out her hand tried to take a bite from the cup.

"Please?" Ethan hovers the spoon over her hand waiting for her response.

"Please...." Peyton says in defeat, he lets go of the spoon and it gently falls into her hand.

"You fatty," Austin accuses, "I just got you a pretzel a few minutes ago, you'll get fat if you eat anymore!" She stuck her tongue out and gobbled the sweet dessert sipping up the remaking syrup. Ethan came over and they began to chat, they laughed and seemed to be getting along we'll. She sighed, it was like a weight had been lifted from her body.

"Hey, why are you dressed like that?" Peyton looked over, Danny poked her side and pulled her shirt up. She quickly swatted him and pulled it back down. "I've never seen you wear something so girly, I didn't think you owned anything this cute..." She pushed his head backwards.

"It's none of your business," She got up and walked towards the rooms, "let me borrow some clothes okay?"
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