You're My Missing Piece

Peyton is a tough girl with a soft center and Austin is a soft guy with a tough center. The both of them are childhood friends who have a bitter sweet, love hate relationship, and so their story unfolds.


10. School

Austin walks into class and sits in his seat waiting for the day to be over. Peyton was surprisingly in class sitting in her corner talking to some other boys. She made punching gestures and had a scowl on her face, she was probably annoyed at something. Peyton looked over at Austin and frowned, right, they didn't like each other in school.

"Austin! That whore just gave you the evil eye! She's so mean! You didn't even do anything to her!" Three girls came up to him and brought up the topic of tomorrow's test and how it was going to be easy. Peyton looked away and continued her conversation with those boys, and before he knew it school was over for the day.

Peyton didn't come over that night and ignored Austin whenever they saw each other. This made Austin feel anxious, it made his heart beat faster and his blood boil. So he decides to approach her at school and confess, it was better if he did so infront of everyone so they didn't have too hide their relationship; or so he thought.

At the end of the week he decided he was going to do so today. It was Friday and they had early release, Austin put on skinny jeans and a hoodie and made his hair as messy as he could. He felt his ear making sure his earring hole didn't close up yet and inserted a stud. Then he put a belt on and pulled his pants down a little and to finish it off a wallet chain; he smiles, it was nice being a badass. He didn't have to do shit, and got his way, he put on his sneakers and pulled out his motorcycle; it was covered in dust but it still worked and made his was to the base.

"Hurry up you guys! We are going to be late!" Peyton walked put of the house still groggy from waking up so early.

"How can you possibly be this hyper so early in the morning?" She walks to the opening of the alleyway followed by Z, Matt, Danny, Ryan, and Nick. Ryan and Nick went their separate ways to their school and the others went the other way.

There was a revving sound and then a screech. Peyton looked over at the road, a guy on a motorcycle had stopped right next to her. Re recognizes the bike and sure enough Austin takes off his helmet and tosses it to her.

"Get on!" He demanded. Peyton stood there and gave him a dumbfounded face. "Oh my god!" Austin reached over and pulls Peyton onto the bike, he puts her helmet on and drives away leaving Z, Matt and Danny behind.

"What the! You give us back Peyton, you jerk!" Danny yells, but no luck. They were too far away.

"Dude, you see his bike?" Z point in the distance Austin drove off, "You think we can get one like that?" 

"That's irrelevant! He took Pey!" Danny pushed them out of the way and ran to school to save his princess.

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