You're My Missing Piece

Peyton is a tough girl with a soft center and Austin is a soft guy with a tough center. The both of them are childhood friends who have a bitter sweet, love hate relationship, and so their story unfolds.


8. Rivals

During dinner, Peyton sat next to Austin, who sat across from Clair. The adults were talking and laughing but Peyton couldn't help but feel uneasy. Skirts and dresses really irritated her, and made her unconsciously angry.


"So Austin, is Peyton your twin?" Clair asks and she rolls her food around on her plate.


"Oh no, we're just really close friends. We've been friends science before we could walk!" Both Peyton and Austin twitched at the comment.


"You guys aren't going out?" Clair's eyes narrow. Both Austin and Peyton shakes their head quickly, reassuring Clair nothing was going on between them. Dinner ends awkwardly for the two friends but Clair seemed to be as happy as ever; before the Wishards left Clair confronted Peyton.


"Hey Peyton I was wondering if you could set me up with Austin?" Peyton felt like she was just punched.


"W-why?" Peyton stutters, she really wanted to punch Clair.


"Well, I really like him and since you guys friend zoned eachother... I was wondering if it was okay to take him? It's okay right?" Peyton's eye twitches but she shrugs before Clair was called to go home. Now Peyton really wanted to punch her, she got out of her dress and into some baggy jeans and ventured out to vent her anger.


"Danny? Yeah, go get Ethan and meet me at McDonalds. I need to punch someone..." Peyton rushes pass Austin and slams the door.


"Peyton! Stop! You're going to kill him!" Danny tried his best to restrain Peyton but she continued kicking at the man lying on the ground.


"This nasty pervert touched my ass and you expect me to calm the fuck down! Are you kidding me?!" She continued kicking the man before Ethan came over and picked her up.


"We need to go otherwise the police will come, let's just keep going and find some more bad people to beat up." Peyton scowled and reached into her pocket for her phone, it was missing. She turned around and stripped the guy naked, emptying his pockets. Her phone fell out along with other phones and jewelry, from watches to bracelets, she felt her blood boil again and was about to beat up the man again, but was pulled away by Ethan. 


"I'm sure there's some old lady who just got her purse stolen! We need to go find them!" Danny insists as he tugs Peyton away from the man. Peyton couldn't help but think of Clair and the man she just beaten up, not to mention all the other bad people in the world. It made her fists itch for a big fight.


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