You're My Missing Piece

Peyton is a tough girl with a soft center and Austin is a soft guy with a tough center. The both of them are childhood friends who have a bitter sweet, love hate relationship, and so their story unfolds.


3. Let's Switch Places For Now

That night, Peyton came to Austin's house again feeling weak and sore. She changed into a baggy t-shirt and tucked herself into Austin bed, pushing Austin himself off the bed and onto the floor. Peyton actually had a house of her own, it's just that it was too much of a bother to get in, her parents disliked her street look and refused to let her in unless she was wearing something lady like.

Austin got up and folded Peyton into an appropriate position, taking her sprawled out limbs and positioning them into a cute fetal position. He took out her special blanket and laid it on top of her before crawling into the bed again and falling back to sleep. He could hear Peyton's uneven breathing and moans but fell asleep anyways because it was soothing.

He woke up the next morning underneath Peyton, who was still happily sleeping. Her head was over his heart and it looked like she was calm because of his heartbeat, which made it speed it. He laid in bed, waiting for Peyton to wake up; finally he shook her and patted her head.

"Let's switch roles today," Peyton stared at Austin in confusion. "I mean, you be a good girl, n I'll be a bad boy..." Peyton nuzzles herself into his chest and continues her sleep, completely ignoring him. Austin sigh and pushes her off gently, he stands up and puts Peyton over his shoulders like he's holding a bag of rice and starts turning around in circles.

"Okay, okay... OKAY! Stop!" Peyton hits his back and kicks her feet, Austin dumped her on his bed and looked down at her. "What? We're you serious? Psh, I dun think I can go a day wearing flats and skinny jeans, or worse a dress! You know that!" Peyton rolls over and pretends to sleep. Austin goes over to his closet and looks for some clothes and went back over to Peyton and started stripping her. "Hey! What are you doing! Get off!" By the time Peyton kicked him off she was already completely dressed in a cute girls outfit. Austin put on a hoodie and cargo pants, an outfit similar to Peyton and looks in the mirror. His bed head made him look bad ass, and he tried to do the slouch that Peyton has. He managed to look like a punk and looked over at Peyton who was trying to take off her shorts.

"Don't take that outfit off today or I will RAPE you." Austin growls, he pounces on her and starts to brush her hair, taking out all the tangles and junk in it. After he was done he had put her fiery looking hair into an updo that kind of looked like a big bow. "Now go brush you teeth and act like a good girl, while I go and relieve some stress. He pushes her into the bathroom and looks back, "I will come back to check on you." After Peyton was done brushing her teeth and cleaning her face, she comes out and stamps her feet like a toddler.

"Why do I have to change just cuz you do? We can't both be thugs?" She pouts and crosses her arms, Austin's heart beat faster. She looked so cute and innocent it reminded him of the old days.

"Don't you want to go home and gather your shit? Or perhaps hold my sleeve as we walk around the mall? You could even get a good boyfriend you know?" He went to brush his own teeth.

"Ain't nobody gone approach me if I'm walking with a freak as scary as you! You look like one of my friends... Anyways! I don't like this outfit! It's skimpy and yells whore!" She stomps her foot.

"Would you rather be called DYKE? Or..." Peyton threw a pillow at him, she looked angry and tired. Like she had no energy to hit him even though he insulted her. He grins and pulls her close, "today, we are going to have fun! Wait..." Austin clears his throat, "today, were gonna have fun." He puts on his hood and drags Peyton out of the house and to a McDonald's.
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