You're My Missing Piece

Peyton is a tough girl with a soft center and Austin is a soft guy with a tough center. The both of them are childhood friends who have a bitter sweet, love hate relationship, and so their story unfolds.


4. Let Me Join Your Gang

That whole day, Peyton was dragged around by Austin. They went than amusement park and to the beach, it was like a date to Austin; but Peyton just thought it was a trap. She knew Austin was sly and anything could happen as long as he is a 'bad boy'. In reality, Austin just wanted to get away from everything and was just trying to have fun.

"Hey, my legs are cold, lets go home!" Peyton complains, instead Austin goes and buys her a pair of thigh high socks and continued his fun. "Let's not go there..." Peyton would warn but Austin still wouldn't listen. He was having the time of his life being free from expectations and how he looked.

"I can see you're tired... I'll get you a pretzel, you like the cinnamon sugar kind right?" Austin smiles and runs off to get the snacks as Peyton sits down on a bench and looks at the sky. It slowly got dark and the moon shone brightly.

"Hey, you wanna come play with us?" Peyton looks over to the direction of the voice, there were two guys in the same attire Austin was wearing. When they came closer she realizes that they were her friends from the dark ally.

"No! What are you guys doing!" Peyton hisses, "He's near! You need to getaway from me... Or even this area! If he catches you, you're dead! I dun want you guys to die! I love you guys! So go away!" Peyton frantically explains. The pair of boys stare at eachother before moving forward and closely inspecting Peyton.

"Whoa, dude it's Pey!" This guys name is Z, he's Peyton's right hand man. "You're so cute~! Look at her shorts!" He sticks pokes at the other guy and sticks out his tongue showing his piercing.

"No way! She's wearing thigh highs! Awww!" This guys name is Matt, he's Peyton's left hand man. "Look at her!" They pluck her socks causing it to smack against her thigh.

"Get off me!" Peyton pushes them away, "You. Need. To. Run!" She looks over to Austin's direction and pushes the pair back again. They had pounced on her and started patting her head and examine her clothes. "He'll be back soon!"

"You're pretty scared of this guy... Who is he? We'll destroy him!" Z punches his fist together, but it was too late, a hand gripped his shoulder and he was pulled backwards; he fell and hit his head on the concrete floor.

"Are these guys hitting on you babe? I'll kill them!" Austin saw them touching Peyton so familiarly, it made him boil with jealousy. He hands the snacks to Peyton and raises his fist against Matt.

"Wait! These guys are my friends! They were just messing with me cuz I looked like a whore." She gets between Matt and Austin and raises her hand.

"What are you talking about, you look totally cu-" Matt was interrupted when Peyton turns around and punches him hard. Now Z and Matt were both unconscious, and nobody even noticed this scene in the night of the city.

"They hang out with me at the base, ya know... We kid around and stuff and they were just teasing me..." Peyton only felt scared this one time because she knew Austin was still over protective. He's probably more over protected now because she actually looked like a girl. Not only that, she looked like an innocent one.

"Let me come to you base, I wanna hang with the rest of your friends too..." Austin picks up the two unconscious boys and waits for Peyton to lead him to her base.

"You nub, I decided you too scary like this!" Austin gently kicks her to push her forward.

"Let's go."
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