You're My Missing Piece

Peyton is a tough girl with a soft center and Austin is a soft guy with a tough center. The both of them are childhood friends who have a bitter sweet, love hate relationship, and so their story unfolds.


5. Introductions

Peyton's gang consists of 6 boys and herself, and these boys all have something in common; they all owe their life to Peyton. Their names are Z, Matt, Danny, Ethan, Ryan, and Nick; and they all have different stories of how they met Peyton.

Peyton met Z first, in fact she ran into him right after she was almost raped. He was a head taller than Peyton and had a similar body structure as Austin, and he was lliving an abusive life and decided to kill himself; his mother died and his father remarried. His stepmother brought men home and abused him, and when he fought back, she would beat herself and tell his father, who then beats Z. The sad thing was that his father knew, but he turned a blind eye for his own happiness. He was about to walk onto the street but Peyton ran into him, and pushed him backward; she cried on him and he didn't know what to do but to comfort her and when she was done crying she stood up and walked away. Z managed to find her again but she she had already locked herself away, and he decided he would follow her till the end of the world.

Matt was Z's friend, they actually looked more like brothers than just as friends, and his encounter with Peyton was pure coincidence. His father left his mother and him with a large debt; and to pay back for it, he was forced to become a servant for the loan shark's family. There was a day where the son of the family was abusing him, he had not finished the son's homework and was getting beat in public. Peyton saw this and immediately came over and shoved the son's face into the ground and stepped on it. Then later when bigger men came to 'teach her a lesson' she beat them all up at once, of course she had to shoot them a couple times, but they never bother Matt again. He met up with her again through Z and also decided to follow her too. Everyday she would teach the both of them how to fight and dragged them deeper into the dark alleys of a thugs life.

Danny met Peyton at a concert she happened to sub in. It was a punk concert and he was mesmerized by her preformance; Danny was a little on the short side and had many piercings on other his ears and one on his mouth, nose and eyebrow. He had platinum blond hair, and he always dyed the tips it different colors. He was also feminine, and was almost raped but Peyton came to his rescue and he too became part of her gang.

It was now just the four of them, they hung out with eachother every day and met up in different locations. Some days in the forest where she taught them how to fight and sometimes at the mall were they wold loiter around and talk about life. Then one day, she met Ethan and he became the most loyal to her.

Ethan excelled in everything; looks, studies, athletics, there was not a single flaw on him. He could have gone to a good college and gotten a good job but one day he just dropped out of high school and wandered around aimlessly. One day he was ambushed buy a group of guys, all their girlfriends broke up with them to chase after Ethan and they wanted revenge. He was one for a while but they just kept coming, they started using bats and pipes and he was surrounded; but then he felt something warm against his back and it was Peyton, she smiled and they fought together all the way till night time. Bodies littered the ally where they were fighting, they caught their breath while leaning one another.

"Hey, I like you. Do you want to swear your loyalty to me?" She chuckles, and stand up, "Let's do this again!" She bends down and holds out her hand. "You want to? I like you, come follow me." Ethan was always being pressured, he understood why he dropped out of school, and why it was better to accept her offer. She would not push him to do something he did not want to.

Ethan met the others and decided to buy a place for them to meet, a base for them to have fun and just hang out. Instead of that he ended up buying a run down condo like place, and Z, Matt, Danny and himself ended up moving in, and becoming room mates. Out of all the gang members, Ethan was the most mysterious; no one knew what he does for a living since he dropped out of high school, not only that he could afford to pay for the base by himself. He truly is a mystery.

Ryan was a homeless 12 year old boy, he just happened to wander near the base where he met Peyton. She dressed and fed him and forced Ethan to let him stay at the base. He was mature and quiet and looked up to Peyton like a mother, he also knew how to fight and would offten try to protect Peyton; he would try to show her that she could depend on him. He also does not listen to anyone except for Peyton herself unless some one mentions that Peyton would not like him if he did this or that.

Finally there was Nick, Ryan's younger brother. He is 11 and is the son of a rich man, it turns out the Ryan is his half brother who had ran away from home. Nick had decided to run away from home too and followed Ryan to the base where Peyton also took him in and treated him kindly. Nick looked up to Ryan and copied everything he did, he kept himself emotionless and taught himself how to fight just so he can be closer to Ryan.

Peyton gathered these people together and they became one big happy family. She saved them from a time of uncertainly and reassured them, things were going to get better as long as they stuck together. They owed their life to her and promised they would follow her to the ends of earth.

Peyton told Austin about her gang as they walked and when they got to the base she put her hand on the door and opened. There were 4 figures sitting in the dark room glaring with eyes of hunger.
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