You're My Missing Piece

Peyton is a tough girl with a soft center and Austin is a soft guy with a tough center. The both of them are childhood friends who have a bitter sweet, love hate relationship, and so their story unfolds.


1. I Can't Help but Love You

There was a loud pound on Austin's door, he looked over at his clock it was 1 in the morning. The door was being pounded on again, no one was home except for him. So he got up and went downstairs to open the door, when he opened the door and he was tackled by a girl.

"Peyton? What the hell are you doing here?" He gently pushes her off and notice that she is sobbing. Her pretty face was swollen and scrunched up in a pained look, she clung on to Austin and smeared his t-shirt with her makeup and snot. He didn't know what to do because she had a tight grip on him so he patted her head and let her cry, he laid himself down on the floor and lied there; Peyton was on his chest hiccuping and sniffing and all he could do was lie there and wait for her to calm down.

He woke up in the morning still on the ground in front of the door, he sat up and looked around Peyton was nowhere to be found. He was uneasy, he had never seen Peyton cry so hard before; even though they had been best friends since preschool, she would never let him see her cry. He walked into his room only to see a half naked Peyton.

"Sup nub, I borrowed your shower.... And your towel," she tossed her soaked towel at his face. "I also borrowed some clothes, hope you don't mind." Austin couldn't say anything, she already finished dressing herself and plopped herself on his bed.

"So why were you crying yesterday?" He sits next to her and waits for her reply.

"I was crying cuz that dick I was dating CHEATED on me! Ugh, and I really liked him too!" Peyton pouted and crossed her arms across her chest. "You know what? He can go to hell! I KILL him!"

Peyton was a pretty girl with a feisty attitude, her sharp blue eyes can paralyze you with just a glance. To match her attitude, she has long strawberry blonde hair with the tips dyed orange than yellow; it kind of looked like a flame that reached down to her waist. She was averaged height but very busty and legs that go on forever; she has a heart shaped face and plump pink lips and not to mention those round blue eyes that threw daggers at you. Her bangs covered part of her eyes but on a normal day, they would be held up with bobby pins. She also liked to get into fights, with anyone that would put up with it; boys, girls, kids, one time she fought with a lion. That's right, jumped right into its pen at the zoo and demanded it do something amusing.

"You saw him? You sure she wasn't his cousin for something?" Austin ask, Peyton was not only very tough on the outside, she was vulnerable and soft on the inside; you could say she was very emotional.

"You don't stick your tongue in your cousin's mouth, smart one." She shot back, "He was standing in front of that girls house and making out with her! He SHOVED her against the wall and literally started stripping her. Do you need more evidence?" Peyton got up and walked towards the door. "I really hate when you're like this, too nice for you own good, at least I sometimes show my inside... I refuse to talk to you until you show me yours!" She stuck out her tongue and slammed the door shut, Austin laid on his bed and sighed heavily. That girl was too stubborn for her own good.

Austin was a fairly tall boy, kind of on the thin side but he had muscle. He had a thin face that was framed by lots of dirty blonde hair that stuck out in all direction, but it looked cute on him. He had large grey eyes that seemed empty but alluring; he also had a nice attitude, he was the same as Peyton. He was nice on the outside but very violent on the inside, an ex delinquent, you could say. After entering high school, girls seem to flock to him since they've seen how nice he was to Peyton. Being a boy, of course he would like the attention; he locked his violent self inside himself and managed to be nice unconsciously all the time.

Peyton locked her sweet and innocent personality away when Austin locked his violent one away. Peyton had her heart broken cruelly one time, she went out with a boy who tried to force her into doing a pornography video. This happened while Austin was out playing with girls; she managed to beat up the group but she won't love the same way again. They began to drift apart because good boys don't 'play' with bad girls and bad girls don't 'play' with good boys; over time, Peyton began to hate Austin. Even she didn't know the reason why, but she stayed away from him and gave him the cold shoulder every time they saw each other. Occasionally she would come to him to mooch off of, but then leave immediately after all her needs were taken care of. Austin chuckles to himself after reminiscing of her old self and rolls over on his bed.

"Stupid girl, she for got her clothes!" He takes a deep breath, inhaling Peyton's lingering scent she had just left behind.
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