You're My Missing Piece

Peyton is a tough girl with a soft center and Austin is a soft guy with a tough center. The both of them are childhood friends who have a bitter sweet, love hate relationship, and so their story unfolds.


7. Friends?

Danny walked over to the two tall boys sitting on the couch and squatted. He stared intensely at Austin before Ethan got annoyed and returned to the kitchen.

"Who are you? Did you put Peyton into that outfit?" He squints and pout, "You special to her or something?" He stands up again and plops himself onto the couch and waits for his reply.

"We're childhood friends, she said she wanted me to be more... ME, so I told her to become herself. Normally, I'm a nerd... But I'm cool, ya no? I got bitches all over me, and colleges begging at me feet. My future is bright and secure, I am assured to be some one super successful." Austin looked over at Danny, and tilts his head. "I used to be like this, back in middle school or something. I walked around like I owned the place and did whatever the hell I wanted to! Now Peyton, she was suuuuuuuper timid... Shy and cute, that was what she was covered in back then. She wasn't all bad ass and tomboyish... That outfit you saw her wear, she wore those kinds of things everyday, and she looked cute as fuck." Austin narrows his eyes, and returns Danny's stare with a glare. "Don't do anything funny to her n I won't beat you into the ground, and tell that to the rest of your friends... But if you're just her friends n shit, like you'll NEVER make her cry, don't worry about me." Danny sat and tried to understand the situation, who was the bad guy now? Was it Austin or himself? To him, it seemed like they had the same motive; they wanted Peyton to be happy.

"Austin, lets goooooo!" Peyton walked into the living room and towards Austin, "We gotta do some shit, don't make my dinner Ethan!" Austin got up and followed after Peyton walking over the dead like bodies on the ground. "Danny, can you do me favor and carry these guys to their rooms... Or like, put them on the same bed and just strip them naked? Wouldn't it be funny if they thought they did something kinky?" Peyton giggles a little and opens the door, Austin turns around and gives Danny a little nod as of to say 'we have a deal, right?', and follows behind Peyton. Danny slumps down even further into the couch and looks over at Ethan, who was observing the scene.

"Hey Ethan... I love Peyton. Do you think I have a chance?" Ethan shakes his head and continues cooking.

"I love her too, but we can't match up against him. He knows her better than we do, he knows her other personality. We are very far away from the finish line.

Peyton walks into Austin's house and is greeted by the smell of food. Austin's mom was home early and making a spectacular dinner.

"Oh! Hello deary! You look dreadful as always," she said in a playful tone and giggles. "I'm just pulling you chain, would you like to join us for dinner?" Peyton smiles and nods. She points upstairs as if to say she was changing and smiled bigger. Austin walks behind her and greets his mother and follows Peyton upstairs.

"Your mom is so nice! I wish she wer my real mom!" Peyton was in pajama pants and a big tshirt, also borrowed from Austin, and was sprawled onto his bed. She waited for Austin to finish changing before going downstairs to help his mom cook.

"Oh my, I forgot to tell you, we have guests coming over, please dress your best! Peyton, dear, I went out and bought you an emergency dress, I'll go get it for you." The gentle woman wiped her hands on her apron and shuffled passed them.

"It's alright, mom," Peyton also called Austin's mom, mom." I can just go somewhere else to eat. You don't have to do that for me."

"Nonsense, you're part of our family!" Austin's mom pulled Peyton upstairs and forced her into a petite dress that showed off her curves. "I knew this dress would look cute on you! Look at how feline you look!" They went downstairs again and Austin was already in his usual attire, a sweater vest and khakis. "Aww, you guys look adorable! Oh! I need to finish cooking!" Austin's mom bustled off into the kitchen and continued cooking.

"Well, well, don't you look like a goody two shoes tonight." Austin teased as they helped set up the table, Peyton stuck her tongue out at him and scrunched up her face. "That is not lady like, Miss Peyton." The door bell rang and Austin went to open the door. There was a pretty girl waiting outside along with a beautiful woman and a handsome man.

"Hello, I am Ted Wishard, your father's boss. This is my wife, Angela, and daughter, Claire. Thank you for having us over for dinner."
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