You're My Missing Piece

Peyton is a tough girl with a soft center and Austin is a soft guy with a tough center. The both of them are childhood friends who have a bitter sweet, love hate relationship, and so their story unfolds.


9. Annoyance

Austin woke up after a night of worrying about Peyton. He sighs, she was passed out on his chest and sleeping happily; but he frowns. Her fists were stained a slight color of red and were very scratched up, he knew she was out fighting again but not the reason why. As he stares at her, he feels his face burn up; he hasn't realized this before but normal friends don't sleep on the same bed when one is a boy and the other is a girl. They especially don't snuggle with each other either, he rolls her off his body and walks over to the mirror. He had red circles engraved into his abs from Peyton's hoops, he flexes a little. He was definely proud of his body; he looks over at Peyton again, still sleeping peacefully without a care in the world. Why doesn't she feel embarrassed when she's with me? After many minutes of thinking he relizes that he had been friend-zoned, and begins to sulk, slouching his broad shoulders and walking toward the restroom. When he opens the door to his room he can hear his mother talking to someone.


"Oh, I see! That bag is from Versace, for-" Austin strains his ear trying to eavesdrop but to no avail and gives up. When he returns to his room Peyton was gone and someone was rummaging through his closet, assuming that it was Peyton he creeps up to the entryway attempting to scare her before he was hit by a sweet smell of perfume. He backs up and silently put on his clothes before ambushing the intruder. He peeks into his closets and sees a girl going through his clothes, drawing near to his secret stash of girly clothes for Peyton that even she didn't know of.


"What are you doing!?" He quickly grabs onto her arm and pulls her out, pushing her onto his bed.


"Good morning Austin! Do you remember me from yesterday? Claire Wishard?" She sits up and smooths out her skirt and smiles sweetly.


"Why the. Hell are you going through my things!" Austin felt a little annoyed and tried his best to keep his cool.


"I was just trying to see what kind of guy you are, you seem pretty normal," Austin stared at her, she was doing some where movement with her lips that made Austin arch his eyebrows a little. Claire stands up and walks towards Austin, pouting her lips and closing her eyes.


"WOAH! What's going on here, heh heh!" Austin pushes Claire back onto the bed and takes a couple steps back. She cocks her head and put on a dumbfounded expression.


"Didn't you want to kiss?" She asks sweetly, he shakes his head furiously and takes a couple more steps back.


"Listen, I'm really busy today, so could you please... I dunno... GO HOME?" He tried to be as blunt and rude as possible without sounding like a jack ass. Claire gets up but instead of leaving the room she goes over to a corner and bends down, moving a few pieces of clothing away,she got back up and was hold a black bra and thong. Austin felt his heart stop beating and swallows, Peyton always left her stuff laying around but for Clair to be able to see something like that, that was camouflaged, really scared Austin. He quickly grabs the pair and chucks it into his closet, then closed the door with a slam. He laughs nervously, and thinks of an excuse.


"Oops, you caught me! You found out that I like to cross dress! Ha ha... Please keep this a secret, and have a nice day!" Austin rushes Claire out of the room and his house before Claire could grasp the situation. "Ok, bye! Please don't come back here!" Austin waves and shuts the door close.


Even though Austin told her not to come back, he felt like he said it to harsh. Though it seems like Claire didn't care because she came back, and back, and back, and back.

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