The Taj Mahal Hotel

The boys have just been united as one British Boy Band- One Direction by X Factor Judge. To take some time off for a bonding vacation, they decide to go somewhere where no one one has presumably heard of them yet- India. Will Amina's boring' apprenticeship vacation through Roedean Private Girls Boarding School along with her five room mates, turn into something different altogether, once One Direction appear at Amina's Dad's very own Hotel in Mumbai? Will the girls' friendships grow stronger or will it turn into something disastrous altogether? and what about the boys? Will they waste time fighting for their own girl or will they discover something more important? (Story told from POVs)


5. The Little Secret


Amina’s POV

We pulled away from the kiss and there was this unrecognisable sense of guilt that was evident. Luckily enough, we were interrupted by the waitress, who had a look that said this was all too familiar to her. We both said thanks to her in unison and sipped our beverages in silence, recollecting what had just happened between us.

“Look, let’s just forget that that happened alright?”Zayn was the first to break the awkwardness. I looked up, slightly in shock, but slightly relieved at his statement. His eyes darted around the cafe uncomfortably and I could tell he was waiting to be reassured.

“Yeah, I agree. It can be our little secret; no one else needs to know.” I smiled at him.

Zayn’s POV

Well that escalated quickly is all I’ve got to say...

I’m not sure what caused me to say that, and I wish I could take it back. I mean that kiss felt so good, so right, but there was just some part of me saying that it wasn’t the right place or right time to be doing it. We hadn’t really gotten to know each other yet, but there was something telling me that if we were in a relationship, things would work out well between the two of us.

I could feel my heart sink a little at her agreement to my words. I was hoping she could disagree and say that there was nothing to be embarrassed about, because that was my heart’s thoughts, but oh well, I’d probably just have to take things slowly from here onwards.

My mind was now contemplating if it was a good idea for her to meet the rest of the boys or not. Well she did say she was living with a few other girls, they probably knew about 1D as well... Meh, why not? Besides, I needed to get this conversation flowing...

“Well, how does it sound for you to be able to meet the rest of 1D?” I asked, trying to be as casual as possible.

“Oh em gee! Are you for real?! That’d be amazayn!” She blurted, obviously unable to contain her excitement. I chuckled at her reference to my name.

“ Awesome, you can show us around Mumbai if that’s no trouble?”

“I’d love to! Hmm, can I bring my girls with me as well, or...?”

“Brilliant. So how does the day after tomorrow sound? You know gives a little bit of time for you to tell your friends...”

“Yeah, sure” I replied.

“We should probably get going, it’s getting late. It was brilliant to meet you. Would you like a ride to the hotel?” He asked flashing that irresistible smile of his.

“Yeah sure, if you don’t mind that is.”

“Not at all.”

Time flew by pretty quick as we chatted on, telling each other a bit about ourselves. I didn’t know some of the things he said about himself which was surprisingly hard to believe, considering I was a major directioner.

When we arrived at the hotel, he was quick to open my door for me. Aww! He was such a gentleman, and it just made the thought of liking him that much cuter.

We hugged and said “Good night” as we parted our ways to our hotel rooms. His was on the third floor and mine was on the ground floor.

As I walked to my hotel room, the only thought that flooded my mind was what I was going to tell all my friends. They were going to flood me with questions as to why I came back so late and I was going to have to prepare myself to tell them the newsflash. But what I was most worried about was the fact that I hadn’t told Kayla about my meeting 1D yet... Boy was she going to be mad when she found out...


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