The Taj Mahal Hotel

The boys have just been united as one British Boy Band- One Direction by X Factor Judge. To take some time off for a bonding vacation, they decide to go somewhere where no one one has presumably heard of them yet- India. Will Amina's boring' apprenticeship vacation through Roedean Private Girls Boarding School along with her five room mates, turn into something different altogether, once One Direction appear at Amina's Dad's very own Hotel in Mumbai? Will the girls' friendships grow stronger or will it turn into something disastrous altogether? and what about the boys? Will they waste time fighting for their own girl or will they discover something more important? (Story told from POVs)


7. Plans


Amina's POV

After yesterday’s sleep deprived night, I wasn’t functioning so well with my job today. Unfortunately enough for me, I had a bright early morning shift: 6am-3pm. I was at it with my cup of coffee again, taking sips ever so frequently to avoid my drowsiness after serving each customer. When Zayn’s pretty face appeared in front of mine a short while later, I was ever so awake. In fact, I think I may have just made myself obvious with the sudden jerk of my head...hmm, just a tad.

“Good morning Gorgeous” Zayn winked at me. W-was Zayn attempting to flirt with me?!

“Uh good morning to you too; why are you up so early?” I tried and failed with putting on a confident smile.

“Hmm, good question... to see your pretty face of course!” Whaaat?! What did he think he was doing? I had to serve the gazillions of customers standing in line behind him at this busy hotel and he was trying to flirt with me at this exact moment?! He waited in line just so that he could say ‘hi’ to me? I think I was becoming more and more delusional.

“Uhm Zayn, look behind you...there are like a tonne of people waiting to be served. Do you really have to do this right now?” I asked wincing at how rude it sounded out loud.

He looked back briefly before turning back to me. “Fine, if you say so. I just wanted to confirm that we’re still doing the tour thing tomorrow with your and my friends? Didn’t exchange numbers the other day, so couldn’t call or text you...” ZAYN MALIK WANTED MY NUMBER! The mixed confused and excited feeling that I was experiencing at the moment was too difficult to explain in words.

“Sure thing!” I scribbled my number onto a plain piece of paper and handed it to him and in exchange he handed me his number written down as well.

“Thank you...uh...Amina!” His eyes darted over to my name badge pinned onto my receptionist’s blouse.

“Haha! That’s right, I’m sorry, I think we were too preoccupied for me to mention my name the other day... you can just call me Ami if you like” I replied.

“Yeah I’m sorry about that. I wanted to ask you... yeah it was pretty silly of me to forget...and nice name by the way!”

I laughed at his hesitative words. “Thanks Zayn! I’ll see you soon!” Well what do I say? His face definitely made my day.

Throughout my long shift, his face kept reappearing in my head and I would find myself giggling childishly every now and then. This definitely confused the customers as it seemed as though I was laughing for no reason. It was sort of hard not to laugh at his hesitative face and miserable attempts at flirting...flirting...Hmm, I wondered why he was attempting to flirt with me? Was he regularly just a flirt like Harry Styles, or was this something new? Either one, it was hard to tell... From all the 1D interviews I had watched on YouTube, he was definitely not the one categorised under having a masters in flirting... that was Harry Styles... Zayn was known for his regular outbursts of “Vas happening?!” and his sexy laugh. Something definitely was up here...


I was relieved when my shift finally finished and I could go and meet up with my girls.  I had forgotten to tell the others, apart from Kay, that we were going to take 1D for a tour tomorrow. It was still so unbelievable that we, just your regular, everyday ordinary fan girls, were taking One Direction on a tour of Mumbai tomorrow! We had to plan this out well and thoroughly to make sure it wouldn’t disappoint.

However, for the second time in a row, once I walked back into our hotel room, I was greeted with squeals and excitement. Yeah, I knew what that meant- Kay had already broken the news to them. Meh, I was glad I didn’t have to do it myself anyway, especially after one long exhausting shift. 

“Guys, so I figure you already know what’s happening tomorrow then?” I asked still drained from the long hours of serving customers. As expected, they squealed back in response.  “Alright, well I don’t want things to seem baloney, so we should probably make plans on where to take them...anyone have ideas for where we should start?”

“Let’s take them to Gateway of India! Everyone knows that if you want to have a tour of Mumbai, you always start there” replied Paige enthusiastically.

“Yeah, but that’s boring! I mean we can see Gateway of India from our hotel. We just need to get a table by the window at the Sea Lounge and voila!”answered Soph.

“Maybe we could do that as well as go somewhere else” Mel suggested.

“Mmm true, but just viewing the Gateway is boring; maybe we can go to Elephant Island?”offered Kay.

“Well, those are all good suggestions, but I was wondering, maybe we can take them shopping, you know go to In-orbit Mall? You never know, they might like shopping!” I commented.

“YES! I’m defs in for shopping! But wait, this ‘us-touring-1D-around-Mumbai’ thing isn’t lasting for one day only right?  Well, if it is, then they haven’t seen the whole of Mumbai or India for that matter.” Said Soph.

“Ah well, I haven’t really spoken to Zayn about that yet...” As if by coincidence, my iPhone buzzed at that very moment and the screen displayed a text from Zayn. ‘Hey Ami, r the girls all cool with tomoz? More than 1 day cud work 2, if u’re up 4 it! -Zayn x’

Well that definitely helped my uncertainty to Soph’s question. Not wanting the girls to freak out about Zayn and my exchanging numbers, I decided to act like I had it all worked out. “Mmm, well actually, more than one day would work fine with them, I’m sure of it!” I plastered a confident smile on my face.

“Ok girls, so it’s In-Orbit Mall and then Gateway of India tomorrow? Are all your shifts going to work out fine? We’re starting bright and early tomorrow at 7; that ok with you?” I asked everyone.

I received nods in response. Okay, so we were all settled for tomorrow. I could easily text my dad and tell him I was helping out tourists in India. Who could be bothered explaining the whole story with 1D coming to India, not that my dad knew who they were anyway...well I highly doubted he knew anyway.

Everyone returned to what they were doing before I came into the room. I sat down on Kay’s and my bed. There were three double beds and one single bed in total in this massive hotel room of ours. Kay and I shared one double bed, Soph and Paige shared another, Nat and Mel shared the last bed and Aisha had the single bed. It was all evenly spaced out and we each had a walk-in robe for ourselves. There were three toilets and bathrooms throughout this ginormous room, but we were fine with sharing.

Soon enough, Kay came and joined me. “Oooh, who was that text from?” I instinctively jerked my chin up at that question.

“Kay you scared me! Why do you ask?”

“Sorry for my abruptness babe! It was from someone special wasn’t it?”

“Well...I guess? I was going to tell you, but you got ahead of yourself!” I laughed at her impatience to find out who it was.

“Well go on, who was it from?” she inquired impatiently.

“No one” I smirked, teasing her.

“Ami, you suck! You’re hiding stuff from your best friend again?” She asked rather fiercely.

“Woah woah woah! Calm down Kay! What’s been up with you lately? You’re always questioning my every move and word! I will tell you eventually.”

“Eventually?! I want to know now!” She sooked playfully.

“Fine fine whatever. It was from Zayn okay? We exchanged numbers because he needed to text me about this whole Mumbai sightseeing thing tomorrow.” I replied casually.

“YOU WHAT?! Are you kidding me? You have Zayn Malik’s number? Are you kidding me?”

“You’ve said ‘are you kidding me’ twice already” I pointed out. She slapped me playfully on my left arm.

“Ouch! What was that for?” I teased.

“Ok, hand me your phone, let’s just see what he said, shall we?”

“Omg Kay! Do you really have to be that nosy?”

“What? You’re my best friend and this is not just an ordinary person we’re talking about! It’s Zayn! Zayn Malik!”

I sighed and handed her my phone which displayed Zayn’s text. I was too tired to care further and I just needed some rest so I fell back and laid there. That’s when I heard the message sent tone play and I jerked back up afraid of what Kay would’ve replied to him.

“Kay! What the hell!” I grabbed the phone from her and sure enough there was a text on my part to him. ‘Sure babe, I’m up 4 the whole night, if that’s wat u mean ;)’ Man, was Kay going to be murdered! “Bitch, I can’t believe you did that! My rep has just been ruined with him and so have my chances!”

“Calm down Ami! He’s just going to think you were attempting to flirt with him. No biggie. And your rep and your chances?  Since when did you have either?” Kay asked sarcastically.

“Well whatever. I need to text him to apologise; gimme my phone.” She handed it back to me, unable to control her laughter. I was used to her doing this and it was my fault for not being wary about it before I lay down. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her immaturity as I typed up a reply.

Sorry about that last text. It was just my friend mucking around. Ignore it.’ Dammit, that sounded so cheesy and fake. I settled on not sending him anything back in reply. It seemed as though he hadn’t gotten the text anyway, hence any reply; why bother? It would just make me sound desperate.

I texted my dad instead, telling him that I was sorry for the late notice and that he would have to hire a receptionist instead for tomorrow.

I checked my phone and the time was 10:24pm. “Guys, I think we should all head to sleep now, seeing as we have to wake up at 7 tomorrow.”

I quickly went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth thoroughly before changing into my pajamas. “Lights off then?” I asked as I put my work clothes and toiletries away into my wardrobe.


I turned off the lights as I headed for my side of the bed. Kay was already dozing off to sleep after her constant fits of laughter over the text.

Just as I was getting comfortable in my blanket, my phone beeped, signalling that I had a new text message.

‘Haha, maybe ;) night x’ was Zayn’s only reply.

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