The Taj Mahal Hotel

The boys have just been united as one British Boy Band- One Direction by X Factor Judge. To take some time off for a bonding vacation, they decide to go somewhere where no one one has presumably heard of them yet- India. Will Amina's boring' apprenticeship vacation through Roedean Private Girls Boarding School along with her five room mates, turn into something different altogether, once One Direction appear at Amina's Dad's very own Hotel in Mumbai? Will the girls' friendships grow stronger or will it turn into something disastrous altogether? and what about the boys? Will they waste time fighting for their own girl or will they discover something more important? (Story told from POVs)


3. In Sync


Amina's POV

I searched frantically through my wardrobe for something elegant yet simple to wear on this very surreal "date".
After hours of searching, I finally found a long lavender silk dress for the evening. I sorted through my purses and clutches, until I found a silvery silk clutch that complimented my dress. I dabbed some foundation onto my face and applied the eyeliner and mascara. Brushing on a pale purple shade of blush, I quickly ran my fingers through my curly locks and checked the time. SHIT. It was already 8:10. Making a bad impression on him was the last thing that was on my mind, so after a quick glance at my reflection in the mirror, I rushed out of my bedroom door and slipped on my high heels that I'd placed at the bottom of the stairwell earlier.

 I hailed a cab to the Trembling Cup, the coffee shop that we agreed to meet at. Suddenly, a flood of questions rushed through my head: What were we going to say to each other? What if it becomes awkward? What if he thinks I'm boring? What if I sound and act desperate around him? But most of all- WHYY did he ask me to meet with him, a worldwide celebrity?? I thought I'd blink an eye and realise that it was all a dream, but as soon as I did just that, Zayn's good-looking irresistable face appeared in front of mine.

"Hey there!" He smiled with a sense of relief. Gah, his smile was killing me so badly; why could't he just be unattractive? "I was starting to get worried that maybe you couldn't make it or something. but it's all good, want to head in?" He asked, giving me one of his sexy upturned smiles and gesturing with his hand to walk into the shop. Giving a quick smile and nodding briefly, I checked the town hall clock adjacent to the shop, to see that the time was now 8:30! Argh, why I couldn't I sort myself out and be punctual for once at least? 

As soon as I stepped through the doors of the coffee shop, the instant brewy smell of fresh, ground coffee filled my nostrils. I don't know why, but I had always associated the refreshing scent of coffee to be somewhat romantic; I wonder if tonight could live up to that expectation? 

Zayn's POV

Ohkay, so she appeared and as soon as she did, my knees started to tremble. Dammit, why was she making me feel so giddy and nervous?! She was just an ordinary girl after all, why was I falling for her that badly when I didn't even know her?? But my heart thought otherwise to my head. It was very awkward as we were walking down the shop's lane with no form of interaction and we probably resembled an unsocial couple. I was just glad that I didn't have paparazzi and fans hoarding me here in India, atleast that was one less thing to worry about. 

I walked to the left of her and kept opening and closing my mouth to say something to get a converstaion started as we headed to the store counter to order, but my brain completely froze every time I looked into her eyes. 

Once we reached the counter, the words came out, not just from my mouth but from hers as well. "How does a cappucino sound?" We froze for a second, stunned that we had the same thoughts, and then we both burst into laughter, before she exclaimed "Personal Jinx!" and laughed harder. Gosh, I was loving this girl even more now. Suddenly, the remainder of the evening didn't seem like an awkward idea any longer... 

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