The Taj Mahal Hotel

The boys have just been united as one British Boy Band- One Direction by X Factor Judge. To take some time off for a bonding vacation, they decide to go somewhere where no one one has presumably heard of them yet- India. Will Amina's boring' apprenticeship vacation through Roedean Private Girls Boarding School along with her five room mates, turn into something different altogether, once One Direction appear at Amina's Dad's very own Hotel in Mumbai? Will the girls' friendships grow stronger or will it turn into something disastrous altogether? and what about the boys? Will they waste time fighting for their own girl or will they discover something more important? (Story told from POVs)


8. Expect The Unexpected


Zayn’s POV

I woke up with a ringing in my ear. Then I figured it was Nialler smashing cymbals while sitting on the side of my bed. Trust him to do something like that. “What do you want Niall?” I asked dozing off again.

He smashed the cymbals together once more before replying.  “Surely you haven’t forgotten DJ Malik! We’re going on a tour of Mumbai today, are we not? Or was that just another one of your little pranks?” I hated Niall when he attempted to sound professional and matter of fact. I didn’t have much energy to make a reaction to what Niall had just said so I just leapt out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

After getting dressed quickly, I chucked on my sneakers and looked around to see the other boys all sitting on their beds looking expectantly at me. “Well, what are you guys waiting for? Let’s go!” I said.

“Where are we going first, do you know?” inquired Harry.

“No idea, we’ll find out from the girls, won’t we?” I replied winking at him. He replied with his cheeky flirtatious grin.

I texted Ami telling her we were on our way and she replied promptly in confirmation. The nervous butterfly feeling returned again once we were in the elevator and I knew it was because of Amina, but I couldn’t help it.

We arrived at their hotel room and the rest of the boys stood outside in the corridor while I walked up to the door to knock. My hands were trembling as I anticipated the reaction of her friends. The door opened slowly and Ami’s face appeared. She was wearing a casual summer’s day dress and looked gorgeous as always. Her friends then appeared in a huddle behind her as she opened the door wider. “Come in Zayn. Meet my friends.” She gestured to the girls now standing on their tip-toes and wide smiles on their faces.

Their reaction wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Sure they looked overwhelmed and nervous as they shook hands and introduced themselves to me but nothing like the crazy fan girling I feared. I was glad that today was off to a good start. The girls including Ami got introduced to the rest of the band members by me and then Ami announced that she had hired two taxis to get going. Where we were going she hadn’t mentioned, but whatever, surprises were fine by me.

 The boys and I hopped into one taxi and the girls in the other. I was really excited about where this day was heading. We arrived in front of this massive building and it was crowded with so many autos, taxis, cars and people just roaming around. There was a massive sign in the midst of the complex that read “Inorbit Mall”. WE WERE GOING SHOPPING! WOOH! I was totally pumped for this and by the looks of realisation on the other boys’ faces, so were they.

The two taxis parked alongside each other and we all got out and looked around the place in fascination. I was interrupted by a familiar voice “Do you like the plan?” It was Amina. I realised that my mouth was hanging open at the massiveness of this shopping complex and quickly shut it, my cheeks blushing. Amina chuckled and said “C’mon Zaynie boy, let’s go shopping!” I blushed at her reference to my name like that. Gosh, why I was being a total sleeze blushing at everything this girl said?! She made me feel so self conscious yet so good about myself- confusing? I know, I didn’t understand the feeling either.  I took her hand in mine as we were walking side by side, and she glanced up at me uncertainly, but immediately it returned to her neutral facial expression. This girl was so adorable. I looked around at the other boys and they were having the time of their lives flirting (in Harry’s case) and chattering away with the girls. That’s when I realised that it was just Amina and me alone walking in the front.

 I heard wolf whistles from our little mob behind us who obviously saw us holding hands and I tried mouthing “Shut up!” to them, but obviously they acted oblivious to the situation and continued with it. But that’s when the realisation hit me that I was actually falling for Amina and there was no better time than now to ask her out. The mall’s entrance was approaching fast and I contemplated whether to ask her out right now or after the day’s events. In the end, I decided that I wanted to get it over and done with so I made my move. I pretended that my shoe laces on my Converse needed tying and I bent over to fix them. The mob continued to walk ahead of us and into the shops. Amina stopped beside me, waiting. I waited a few seconds before standing back up again. 

“Amina, will you be my girlfriend?”

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