The Taj Mahal Hotel

The boys have just been united as one British Boy Band- One Direction by X Factor Judge. To take some time off for a bonding vacation, they decide to go somewhere where no one one has presumably heard of them yet- India. Will Amina's boring' apprenticeship vacation through Roedean Private Girls Boarding School along with her five room mates, turn into something different altogether, once One Direction appear at Amina's Dad's very own Hotel in Mumbai? Will the girls' friendships grow stronger or will it turn into something disastrous altogether? and what about the boys? Will they waste time fighting for their own girl or will they discover something more important? (Story told from POVs)


1. The Boy Band


Harry's POV

So it was official. I was appointed the lead singer of the brand new British Boy Band by the name of One Direction. I was really proud of the name, partially because I was the one who came up with it, but also because the boys really thought that it was the perfect name for our group. I was happy because they were; happiness and agreement was the key to a successful boy band, I'd decided.

It was only my second week of being the leader of this already awesome band, however the burden of responsibilty had already started to kick in. I should start getting used to it, I thought, so I decided to ask the boys if we should all go on a vacation somewhere where no one would've known about us yet. I had India in mind. The tickets were pre-booked by our manager, Paul Higgins, and we were to depart next week. We were to stay in Mumbai at The Taj Mahal Hotel.

Sure all of us had already started to get close with each other and just a few days ago, Louis and I had discovered our special brotherly affection towards each other. Yet this vacation seemed like the perfect idea of a paradise- a holiday intended for bonding with the other members of the band, in a hotel isolated from all Directioners and where no paparazzi would have any interest in us whatsoever.

Zayn's POV:

Harry had just announced our bonding vacation to India next week and boy was I pumped for it! By the looks of it, so were the other boys. Now that I thought about it, there was actually going to be so much more than just recording sound tracks and making music videos for new singles, when it came to being part of a Boy Band. I needed to make sure I had the best time with these guys and I was going to prepare myself for anything ahead of me.

Louis' POV

The eagerly awaited week had arrived and we had all packed our valuable belongings and were now waiting at the immigration counter at the Mumbai Airport.

"Haz,, do you reckon they'll recognize us?" I uncertainly asked Harry.

"I'm sure they won't Lou"

Just like that, we passed immigration, checking in as normal people. This was all going well. Suddenly the thought of a normal undisturbed vacation didn't seem so surreal anymore.

Niall's POV

As soon as we stepped outside the Mumbai Airport, I knew that we were in for one extremely hot, humid vacation and by the looks of it, we were going to have to get used to it.

We caught a taxi to the hotel that Hazza had booked for us. It was called the Taj Mahal Hotel. How very unique. I couldn't wait to get a long rest and recover from jetlag as soon as we arrived there.

Liam's POV

The taxi pulled into the new hotel that we'd be staying in. My mouth turned into an 'O' at the sight of the place- it was MASSIVE. There were so many floors, so Hazza had to check the tickets to make sure we'd go to the right level. Luckily enough, we were on level three. Didn't have to climb much stairs that way.

We asked a lady who was walking with her two kids for directions into the main entrance and she happily led us. It was quite hard talking to her, without really knowing how to speak her dialect, so we used hand gestures instead. It seemed to do the trick. I was anticipating the rooms that we'd get and I just couldn't wait to recover from jetlag in our new bedrooms.

Zayn's POV

A nice lady had shown us our way into the hotel. It looked really beautiful on the outside and I couldn't wait to get to our rooms.

We took the elevator to the third floor. We all started to yawn and stretch inside the elevator, and then we looked at each other and started to crack up.

I stepped out of the elevator and looked around the place. My eyes landed on the receptionist. She was tall, had perfect long length black hair and was wearing a short black mini strapless, which showed off her curves.

"Zayn, what are you doing mate?" Liam asked me following my gaze to the receptionist. When he realized that I was checking out the hot receptionist, he laughed and pulled up my dropped jaw.

"Way to make it obvious" he said and shook his head jokingly.

"Isn't she gorgeous?" I asked, still in awe.

"Get used to it mate, you're gonna see more beautiful girls like this everywhere. But you don't decide to fall for every single one of them!" Liam answered, and gave me a reassuring pat on the back.

We were now following Hazza who was walking up to the receptionist queue. He stopped abruptly at the side entrance to the queue, where I got a good look at the beautiful girl. I stood there for what seemed like a good half hour, staring at her every move in awe. She couldn't see us, but even if she did, what was the point? I'm pretty sure no one in India knew about us yet. Fame gone to waste right there.

'Zayn!! Are you alive?!" Niall shook me by the shoulders.

"Why, VAS HAPPENING?!" I asked, suddenly alert to where I was. The boys all laughed. I could feel my cheeks burn scarlet.

"We've been discussing who's going to go speak to the receptionist, and since you say that know a bit of Hindi, you can go and talk to her!"

"Me?! What.. No.. I can' can't make me do this!" I stammered.

There was no way I would be able to talk without making a fool of myself in front of that gorgeous girl.


Amina' s POV

It was yet another tiring day at work as a hotel receptionist. Honestly, I don't know why I decided I'd given this job a go for my apprenticeship work experience; 'twas probably because my dad had happened to be the owner of this massive 97 floor hotel.

Anyhow, I shall explain what exactly was happening here. Well, Roeadean Girls' Private Boarding School, in Middlesex, London, had this thing going on for A level students to undertake apprenticeships in a country out of Europe. It was so they'd do something 'productive' before their A level results came out. Pfft.

So about me- I'm half Indian, half Pakistani. My parents used to live in my mum's hometown in Pakistan, until my dad had discovered that he was the owner of this massive, multimillionaire hotel, in which case they'd both decided to move to Mumbai, India and live near the hotel, obviously for convenience reasons.

And now here I was undertaking work experience at that very hotel, as a receptionist for crying out loud! Wasn't there something more easy going, like supervising the grounds?! But no. Here I was taking a sip of coffee literally after every customer that I'd served, in a miserable attempt to stay awake. I couldn't wait to go out for my break, where I'd meet my beautiful girlies, and we'd gossip about everything under the sun. Aah.

Zayn's POV

"Oh come on Zayn! We all know you're dying to get to know her!" Liam winked at me. Ok, he got me on that one. But how was I going to speak to her? I was joking around when I told the boys that I could speak a bit of Hindi. Obviously, they had taken it seriously and were now making me talk to her! I had to think on the spot. I know! I would speak to her in English, resulting in me not making a fool of myself, unless ofcourse she was completely clueless to what I had just said. But then again, since the moment I stepped foot outside of Mumbai Airport, I hadn't heard anyone speak in English at all.. So what if I made a fool of myself?.. Wait! What was I thinking?! She was beautiful and just so perfectly intimidating. I couldn't bear to embarrass myself on front of her!

"Just do it Zayn,get it over and done with" I thought to myself.

I proceeded to walk up to the front of the desk.


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