All these tears

After Dani and her bf Jack break up, they start to just be friends, until Dani gets jealous of Jacks gf Laura. When Laura and Jack break up because Dani tells her lies, Dani has to find a way for them to get back together. If she cant, Jack might commit suicide, and Dani loves her bestfriend.


3. the phone call

I cried all day. Jack messages me a lot but I didn't answer. He also left 30 voicemails on my house and cell phone and finally stopped when my mom told him to. I finally stopped crying and got up.

"Honey, jack left another message he said to text him" my mom said.

I went back upstairs and turned my phone on. I called him.

"Dani why'd you leave so fast?"

" why'd you call me so much it's annoying"

"Dani! Why are you acting like this?"

"Maybe because you're..."

"I'm what"

"You broke up with me and then got a girlfriend the next day." I started to cry

"Don't cry, you're my bestfriend.

"Yeah right"

"Remember in preschool how everyone ignored you and hated you.?" He said

"Yea. They all hated me"

"Yeah, well I didn't see that in you. I saw a princess."

"Well now you see a princess in that girl."

"Her name is laura and I just started seeing her."

"Yeah, well my name is Dani and I just started depression."

"dani c'mon"

"What do you want jack"

"For you to stop this"


"Because you know I love you."

"Not as much as the girl you just met"

"I love you both in two different ways."

"Yeah well I'm gonna go because..."

"Dani no."

"Yeh jack"

"But your gonna ignore me"

"Yah well don't take it personally or whatever"

I hung up, and started crying.

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