All these tears

After Dani and her bf Jack break up, they start to just be friends, until Dani gets jealous of Jacks gf Laura. When Laura and Jack break up because Dani tells her lies, Dani has to find a way for them to get back together. If she cant, Jack might commit suicide, and Dani loves her bestfriend.


2. meeting her

Dani's p.o.v.


Well,  I have been friends with him since preschool or Kindergarten. Pretty long you think? I think that it shouldve been longer but whatever. I love hime with my heart, and hes like my brother I never had, or once had, or something. When he asked me out, I thought the world was mine. It was like heaven. His black, swishy hair and blue eyes were always a favorite. He always treated me nice, so when he broke up last week, well, it was a shocker. He said he wanted us to be friends like we used to. I told him I did too, but no way in the world would I ever give that up. I went to my house later that night and almost died. Litteraly, I choked on something, but anyways I cried like all night. He was my bestfriend. Anyways, when I get up(if ever) I have to go to his house today. SHOCKER? He asked me to come over to meet someone. Better not be another guy. WHen I got dressed I went to his house. He greeted me and I wenet in and sat on the couch. Thenn, a girl with long Brown hair and bluish eyes came out. Oh no he didnt. That little f$cker. (LOL) Did he get a girlfr.....

"This is Laura my new girlfriend who asked me out yesterday" He said. I was usually happy about his girlfriends, but not this one she was way too... different and sweet... and perfect. I got up and left, just like that. I had to. Before I slapped the s&it outve that kid.

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