All these tears

After Dani and her bf Jack break up, they start to just be friends, until Dani gets jealous of Jacks gf Laura. When Laura and Jack break up because Dani tells her lies, Dani has to find a way for them to get back together. If she cant, Jack might commit suicide, and Dani loves her bestfriend.


4. in public

I woke up in a cold rainy day. I got dressed in my sweatpants and a tshirt, even though I wel knew it wasn't the real me. The real me would be wearing forever 21. The real me would be so happy to see jack. I found my uggs and put them on feeling the warm fuzzy cotton. A kitchen chair had my light pink bag on it with all my belonings. I weakily stood up and grabbed it, ripping the zipper off by accident.

"Crap" I tried to fix it but it wouldn't budge.

I walked slow to school, knowing that jack and "Laura" would be there probably being all sweet to eachother, calling eachother cute names.

I arrived at school 5 minutes later then usual. I saw that there was a fire drill going on so I hopped in my class. Mrs.Kempt saw me and eyed me seeing I was late.

Then, there was a huge ruckus because of a missing person. I heard a voice say "I found him". I looked around and realized it was laura. This was going to be a gross day. Little miss was being a sweet goody goody. I went back inside and played with my bag until lunch. I sat off in a corner when suddenly jack sat with me.

"Hey" he tried to hide a smile.

"Where's little miss" I played with my nails.

"She has lunch later" he picked at his banana. We both hate bananas.

"Oh" I took out my bag and tried to fix it.

"So um, dani are you ok with her"

"No" I angrily bursted."but if you like her whatever" I disnhonestly stated.

"Great, I thought you hated her" he wiped the sweat off.

"Oh I do." I tried not to laugh. It didn't work so I looked like a fool laughing there. Then jack joined laughing.

"Hahaha how about later you meet me at my house and I won't bring laura?" He smiled showing his bright white teeth.

"Well... Mr. Winston if you insist." I laughed. Then I looked in his eyes. They were a dark shade of blue, with a ring on the outer layer of a brown, gold color. They were gorgeous. Any girl could fall in love with him.

He flinched up " we should be going if we wanna cut class" me and jack have been cutting classes forever. Our parents were pissed but never actually did anything about it.

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