Summer Love.

It was the first day of summer, and five best friends, Hannah, Maddie, Lacey, Skylar, and Nicole thought they would just be hanging out, when they get tickets to a meet and greet with the One Direction. What will happen when Niall gives Hannah his number, and they start to become closer? Are they forever or is this just a summer love?


1. First Day of Summer.

~Hannah's POV~
*BEEP BEEP* The alarm clock buzzed in my ears. "Ugh," I groaned. "My first day of summer and I have to wake up at 8 o'clock." I got up and got dressed into my light cut-off jean shorts ad my mint green frilly tank top. As I headed out the door to my best friend Maddie's house, I grabbed my black flip flops. I drove up Maddie's long driveway & just walked right into her 3 story mansion. I'm like her sister, and I come over all the time, since she lives alone. I even have my own room here! Anyways, I walked into her kitchen, and saw her in her matching pink frilly tank top and matching cut off jean shorts. "Hey Doll!" She yelled. When we were 13, I got braces, and she nicknamed me Dollface. "Lacey should be here soon, and Skylar and Nicole are meeting us there." I guess I should explain. I scored us meet and greet tickets for One Direction, our favorite band! Maddie finished making pancakes, and served them up on three plates just as Lacey walked in. What do you know, she was wearing her matching her purple frilly tank top and cut off shorts too. We all giggled and sat down to eat our pancakes.

~Skylars POV~
I hopped out of bed and slipped on my orange frilly tank top and cut off shorts. I grabbed my keys and jumped into my car to go pick up Nicole. I got to her house and honked, and she ran out in her blue frilly tank top and cut off shorts. What a coincidence. She got in the car, and we headed of to the mall where the meet and greet was held. We met Hannah, Maddie, and Lacey in the parking lot and we realized we were all wearing the same outfit in different colors. We laughed and walked into the mall.
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