Simon's Daughter

“Dana could you please take a seat in between Niall and Harry, there’s something i have to tell you all something.” Throwing your father a curious look you sat in between Harry and Niall a huge smile plastered on both their faces. Shifting a bit you made yourself comfortable before waiting for your father to go on.
“I have another X-Factor coming up, and this tour of yours is a important one since it’s your first world wide tour, so Dana I need you to go on the trip in my place.” Simon said simply his hands together in a ball.


5. Chapter 5

*Changing the point of view huns! It’s from Dana’s P.O.V*

Dana scratched Cat’s ears as the tour bus drove slowly behind the heavy traffic as they drove to California. The reason they had named the cat, Cat was because there were names from each of the boys including Paul!

“PAUL!” all heads turned to Paul who was leaning casually against the bus’s wall. Dana laughed, and closed her eyes thinking of a name,
“How about. . .” she said tapping her finger against her chin,
“Cat Hazza Leyum Ni Zani Lou Paul?” she said looking at the boys then to Paul.  Laughing she nodded,
“I got the cat so I’m bloody well naming it!” saying finally before standing up cuddling the cat. She looked out the window and awed loudly,
“Wow it’s a beautiful day! How much longer till we arrive?” Paul checked his watch and closed his eyes making a quick calculation,
“About an hour, you guys have a day off. So I advise you use it well. . .” he trailed off walking back to the front of the bus. Suddenly Louis was jumping up and down doing the Louis ‘Hip Thrust.’ Laughing Dana slid back onto the seat crossing her legs in meditation style. In a flash Harry was beside her with his famous dimple smile,
“Thanks for getting us a cat love.” he said peeking at her from the side. Dana nodded,
“I thought Liam was going to kill me, but look. . .” she trailed off pointing to the sight in front of them. Harry grinned, Liam, Louis and Zayn were lying on their stomachs watching the kitten intently. Dana bit her lip looking for Niall’s blonde hair. She spotted him in the corner, looking down. She stood up,
“Where are you going?” she heard Harry’s voice ask, surprisingly a bit of worry in them. She turned around to face him,
“I’m just going to go and check on Niall, he looks depressed. It looks like  he needs some food.” she said. Standing in front of him she crouched down and shook a packet of chips in front of his face. He looked up slowly, his blue eyes slightly red. Dana immediately felt worried,
“Niall are you okay?” she asked leaning closer to him wiping his cheek where a tear had was trailing it’s way down to his chin. He shook his head numbly,
“No.” he said softly. Dana looked at him and stood up, sitting next to him rubbing his back. Niall looked at her,
“Our family dog died. . .”
“Oh Niall.” she said pulling him into a hug. Across the room, Harry glared at a sort of smiling Niall.

*Niall’s P.O.V*
“I want her and she’s going to be mine.” he thought harshly looking at Harry shooting him a triumph smile. He felt good watching Harry’s reaction,
“This is one girl that won’t fall for you. . . She’s going to be mine. . .” he trailed off before hugging Dana even more,
“Thanks Dana. . .”

*Harry’s P.O.V*
“Since when did he ever have a dog?! He never spoke a word of it!” soon his suspicions were confirmed when Niall shoot him a triumph smile. His eyes widen,
“Why this bloody git. . .” he mumbled. He rubbed his nose,
“It’s on mate, two can play at this game. . .”

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