Simon's Daughter

“Dana could you please take a seat in between Niall and Harry, there’s something i have to tell you all something.” Throwing your father a curious look you sat in between Harry and Niall a huge smile plastered on both their faces. Shifting a bit you made yourself comfortable before waiting for your father to go on.
“I have another X-Factor coming up, and this tour of yours is a important one since it’s your first world wide tour, so Dana I need you to go on the trip in my place.” Simon said simply his hands together in a ball.


4. Chapter 4

You felt a bit giddy as you stepped out of the bus, you guys had just arrived at your first destination which was America. You looked around, already the boys were being hustled off to get ready and all that for their performance at Madison Square this evening. Your job was that you had to walk around and talk to everyone on staff well the important ones anyway and ask them what the plan is and tell them if that will do or not. Slipping into this
you looked around the room grimacing a bit. Remembering the Harry naked incident this morning. You had gotten up just as the bus was pulling into New York, pulling the covers off you, you sleepily walked towards the bathroom till you bumped into something squishy. Opening your eyes you were shown to a sleepy but naked Harry, jumping back you covered your eyes, “Harry! Go put on some clothes” you said peeking your eyes a bit as you tried to make sure he was no where near you,
“I want a pussy” he mumbled as he trudged back to the bunk below you as Niall snored lightly but happily away swishing on the hammock. A few fights had broken out on sleeping arrangements but your threats of stealing Harry’s tacos and Niall’s Nandos shut them up.
Giggling lightly at the memory, you walked around and talked to everyone taking notes down and all that till you remembered that having a pet on the bus wouldn’t be such a bad idea actually... And once you got a pet Liam couldn’t tell you off, anyway he’s a big softie and would let you keep it, all you have to do is get him something with Batman or To Story on it.  
The boys performance was amazing! You had almost gone deaf from all the screams and I love you from the teenage girls in the crowd and some even older people, you weren’t surprised though, who wouldn’t love this boy band. You grinned evilly, when you had finished checking up on things you went to the pet store and got pet that you were sure everyone would love.
“DANA” five voices yelled happily before you were engulfed into a tight hug. Squealing you laughed and wriggled yourself out standing behind the boys giggling as you watched them pull back after a minuet and look around for you. Quickly you hid behind a post and leaned slightly laughing quietly as you watched Harry and Niall look around frantically,
“Where did she go?!”
“Someone call FBI!” Laughing you walked out from behind the post,
“Guys breath I’m alive.” you said before Harry pulled you into a hug, giggling you hugged him back before hearing a slight growl behind him. Stretching a bit you saw Niall who sulked behind Harry. Laughing you pulled back from Harry and walked over to Niall and hugged him. Pulling back from him you smiled evilly,
“I have a surprise for you guys!” The boys eyebrow rose,



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