Simon's Daughter

“Dana could you please take a seat in between Niall and Harry, there’s something i have to tell you all something.” Throwing your father a curious look you sat in between Harry and Niall a huge smile plastered on both their faces. Shifting a bit you made yourself comfortable before waiting for your father to go on.
“I have another X-Factor coming up, and this tour of yours is a important one since it’s your first world wide tour, so Dana I need you to go on the trip in my place.” Simon said simply his hands together in a ball.


3. Chapter 3

“I CALL TOP BUNK!” you yelled running into the room before Harry and Niall who were pushing past each other. Finally arriving in the room panting the immediately shot for the bottom bunk,
“I CALL!” they both said at the same time glaring at each other. You sighed as you watched them before seeing a cute little hammock rocking in the corner with a pillow and blanket on it, your eyes twinkled after watching all those sad sailing movies you’ve always wandered what it was like to sleep on the hammock,
“DITCH THAT! I CALL THE HAMMOCK!” you said jumping off the top bunk and jumping on the hammock which just rocked as if it was finally happy that someone wanted to sleep on it. The boys smiled before looking at each other,
“Don’t even think about it Niall” Harry said warning inching closer to you,
“Think about what?” he asked narrowing his eyes watching Harry but did the same thing as him. Clenching his fist Harry looked at you with a smile on his face,
“Are you sure you don’t want the bunk Dana?” you nodded happily your eyes closed as you imagined being at sea, being a pirate who had been woken up because it was your turn to mop the deck. You sighed happily, you have one of the most wildest imagination ever and everyone envied you well those who knew, your father tried to get you into writing but you couldn’t be the type to just sit around and write all day, instead you decided to pursue a career in the show business which was no problem for you considering you had grown up with the most famous stars of all times.
“NIALL!” Harry yelled pushing Niall off him, they were on the floor wrestling since they both wanted the top bunk, sighing you sat up your wonderful dream gone. Swinging your legs over the hammock you watched them with raised eyebrows. After a few minuets when they realized you were watching they stopped and stood up straightening their outfits,
“uh hi Dana” they said looking down obviously embarrassed. Laughing you got off the hammock and looked at the bed,
“How about the two of you just rotate every night?” their faces lifted with happiness, HArry walked over to you and slung a arm over your shoulder,
“Excellent Dana love I that idea” he said smiling, Niall scowled but walked over to you slinging his arm over to you, glaring at Harry behind your back, you sighed,
“This is going to be a long trip...” you thought to yourself.

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