Simon's Daughter

“Dana could you please take a seat in between Niall and Harry, there’s something i have to tell you all something.” Throwing your father a curious look you sat in between Harry and Niall a huge smile plastered on both their faces. Shifting a bit you made yourself comfortable before waiting for your father to go on.
“I have another X-Factor coming up, and this tour of yours is a important one since it’s your first world wide tour, so Dana I need you to go on the trip in my place.” Simon said simply his hands together in a ball.


2. Chapter 2

You sat on the couch in the living room sipping from your Mocha in a starbucks cup, it was the day you and the boys go on tour. Your job was simple, just make sure the boys don’t get into trouble, and whatever else. You were to stubborn to even listen blowing a curl out of your face you pouted at the thought of being stuck in a touring van with 5 boys. Harry who kept making passes at you which you did find kind of hot, Niall who would always invite you to go eat Nandos with him, Zayn who would just nod at you and make little chit chat, he’s still shy around me... Louis who was your childish partner in crime and Liam who  you have dubbed your second father since he became a bit outraged when he saw you wearing really mini shorts.
“DANA WE’RE HERE!” Louis said bounding into the living room along with Eleanor trailing behind him with a huge smile on her face. You smiled and hugged Louis before hugging Eleanor,
“Babe I will join you when you guys are in France which is next week” she said hugging you tightly before pulling back. “Actually me and Pierrie will be there, we have a few things to do then we’ll be there for the rest of the trip!” she said dancing around happily. You giggled and danced around with her till Zayn and Pierrie came in, Pierrie giggled and joined the two of you jumping up and down. The three of you gathered in a small circle and looked over you shoulder, as the rest of the boys filed in giving the three of you curious looks,
“We will see each other in France~” the three of you said before planting a kiss on each of their cheeks. You had gotten to know them really well during the two weeks, that’s one of the only good things out of this.
“DANA THE BUS IS HERE!” The boys yelled out. You looked aroudn for your bags till you realized that Harry and Niall were holding your bags sending glares at each other as there was one more bag to pick up,
“Niall just let me carry it, you have the heavier bag” Harry said reaching for the bag,
“Oh Harry I’m sure i can handle it” Niall said his hand hovering over the bag’s handle right next ot Harry’s. Rolling your eyes you walked up to the bag and picked it up,
“Or how about I carry it?” you said before walking onto the bus blowing kisses to the girls.
“Okay where am I’m sleeping?” you asked as you walked into the bus looking around smiling.
“Uh Dana since our other tour bus is in the garage, we had to use one of our first ones, so there’s only 2 rooms...” You stared at him,
“WHAT?!” you screamed, you sat on the chair as Liam sighed sitting beside you.
“Sorry Leeyum” you said pouting sighing you looked at Liam, “Who am I sharing the room with?”
Liam found himself grinning slightly, “Niall and Harry.”

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