Uncommon Love

Jenna is just a regular girl that works at Hollister with her best friend Griffin. It's just a normal day when five very noisey boys enter the store. Crazy things begin to happen and Jenna finds her self in romance trouble! Will her best friend and sister fall into her situation? Read to find out whst happens!!


2. Suspicisons...

-Jenna's POV-
They all had sun glasses
on and the hoods on there sweat shirts where up. Two of them had brown straight hair, one had a black mountain on top of his forehead, and
another had extremely curly hair, while the shortest one of the group had blonde hair. Blondie stuck out the most. ‘Didn’t know the sun was out in the mall.’ I laughed to my self. Two of them kept staring at me and it made me feel uncomfortable. Griffin seemed to notice because he stood in front of me while we talked.
“Stop staring over there if you’re uncomfortable with them looking at you.” He said sternly. I was surprised at the sternness of his voice.
“I have to go soon and I want to make sure your okay when I leave.” He said looking into my eyes. I nodded.
“I’ll be fine; don’t worry about me drama queen.” I laughed. That
seemed to get the boys attention because they all stopped talking and looked at me. Now I know for a fact that I whispered to Griffin, I didn’t talk at a normal voice. Maybe they heard me laugh? “Just go, I
have your number if I need you. I am a 17 year old girl Grif, Just go. I can take care of my self.” I said to him while looking him in the eyes.
“Okay. When is Katie going to be here?” He asked while dragging out the last “e” in here. I laughed and rubbed the back of my neck. He was talking about my best friend from Florida that was coming up to spend
three months with me and my younger sister Lexie. Lexie is 15 so she isn’t that much younger than me. I bit my lip because the blonde guy was staring at me.
“Err... uh... Oh Katie? She will be here on Friday night.” I said, I
had almost forgotten that Griffin asked me the question. He nodded and turned to see what I was looking at.
“Blondie? Really?” He groaned. Dang he knew me well. I nodded. “Okay enjoy your night, I’ll see you at 10am tomorrow morning, and do u want me to pick you up?” I shook my head no. I didn’t need him to pick me up especially when I had a perfectly good Hyundai Elentra to drive
around. “Okay see you tomorrow then.” He gave me a usual hug and friendly peck on the check. I waved good-bye to him as he exited the store and entered the rest of the massive Springfield mall. I turned back to the register and store computer and decided to put on the radio. It had been on all day- but now I could control the music from the computer that sat in front of me. I decided some One Direction
music wouldn’t hurt. Seconds later “Moments” came on over the stores loud speaker. The boys looked up from their conversation and groaned, what was their problem?! They looked at me and I quickly turned around, trying to avoid making eye contact.
“Excuse me love?” A high pitched, angelic, British voice asked from
the other un-visible side of the counter. It sounded so familiar… TOO

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