Uncommon Love

Jenna is just a regular girl that works at Hollister with her best friend Griffin. It's just a normal day when five very noisey boys enter the store. Crazy things begin to happen and Jenna finds her self in romance trouble! Will her best friend and sister fall into her situation? Read to find out whst happens!!


3. Surprise!!!

Chapter Three


-Jenna's POV-

          My head snapped towards the sound, it was one of the five boys that had come in. He had straight hair and blue/grey eyes.  A black and white stripped shit fit perfectly over his perfect frame. He's the boy that kept talking to the one boy who had a shaved head. I took a deep mental breath.

           "Hi! I'm jenna and welcome to Hollister! How may I help you today?" I smiled while tapping a pen on the counter top. He smiled.

          "Hi. Um can I get a fitting room in the back please? Can you unlock them?" the boy smiled. "I figured I'd leave them for a while." he laughed, gesturing to the still rambunctious boys, that kept talking and picking out clothes. I nodded and led him to the back.  I bent down and unlocked the dressing room with the key that was on a necklace that loosley hung from my neck.

          "Here you go." I said once i had the door to the small room opened. He walked in, holding  the door with his arm.

          "How many items?" i asked. He counted the items in his hand.


          "Here you go..." I said handing him a card with the number '4' engraved in the middle. He took it and placed it on the small bench that sat inside the mini room. I turned to leave but he caught my arm.



          "Could you tell the boys that I'm in here?" I gulped. "Only if they ask. I don't think they noticed me leave. I would hate to be left by myself if they where to go out in the mall and look for me." he laughed when he said the last sentence.

          "Sure." I nodded. "What's the name?" i asked.

          "Louis." he said.

          "Okay thanks Louis." Louis? Why did that all of a sudden sound really familiar? Oh well. One name fits many people. Right? I walked out of the dressing room hallway and back to the cash register. The other  costumers had left and the four boys where still fooling around and picking out clothes. Ten minutes passed and the boys where still walking around the store. It was weird how the blonde and the curly haired boy kept looking at me. Louis was still in the dressing room and I was wondering how he was doing. I walked down to the dressing room and noticed his door was still closed. "How are you doing Louis? Need anything?" I asked and got an immediate response.

          "No. I'm fine. Well...erm.. Could you go get Liam though? Just call his name and he will come to you." Louis said while sighing. Liam and Louis. In a group of five boys? Something seriously wasn't right here. Too familiar again!

         "Okay well are you sure you're okay?" i asked before I turned the corner.

         "yes. I just need Liam." Louis voice sounded hurt and hoarse.

         "Okay. I'll be right back." I walked out and looked around. What if Liam was the blonde? Or curly? I took another deep breath and walked towards the small group. The one with the mountain of black hair nudged the blonde in the arm. "Hi! I'm Jenna and so sorry for botherin you but.. Is Liam over here?" I asked as innocently as I could. One of the other boys stepped forward. He was the one with the shaved head that was wearing the purple jack wills hoodie, and who was talking to Louis earlier.

          "That's me." He smiled.

          "Louis said he needed to talk to you and he said it was important..." he nodded and followed me back to Louis dressing room. I caught a glimpse of Louis face, it was red and puffy. Was he  crying? I smiled sympatheticly and turned around. Before I was out of the tiny hallway I was knocked over by someone.

        "OW!" we both said at the same time. I was on my bum and so was whoever I had run into.

       "Sorry I didn't-" he began. He had a heavy Irish accent. "Oh I'm so sorry! I was running to catch up with Liam." He said while rushing to my side. I opened my eyes and noticed it was the blonde. I gasped in my head. He helped me up.

        "I'm okay" I giggled. "Louis and Liam are in the last room down the hall." I said pointing to the room. I rubbed my temple. He handed me a small wad of paper.

        "Just incase." he smiled. I nodded. I didn't know what it was but I took it anyways. I made my way to the cash register once again. It was about time to close up shop. Just then the three boys stepped out of the dressing hallway.

         "Okay this is it." Liam smiled. I nodded and smiled while ringing up their bill. "Thanks love!"

          "Have a great night! Come again!!" I waved. Now I could go home. I locked up shop anf walked to my car. Just then I remembered the wad of paper the blonde had given me. I opened the crumpled piece of paper and it read- 'we would love to get to know you better Call us?-' and at the bottom it had five numbers labeled at the bottom, each with a matching name next to them. Why hadn't I realized it before?! "Zayn M.... Louis T..... Harry S....Liam P.... Niall H"

Oh lord.


<goodness! sorry for not updating guys- if anyone reads this? Please let me know!! I will have the next chapter up soon..hopefully! If you read this please let me know! I'm open to sugestions- email me at Liamsturtles0329@gmail.com! dont forget to like, favourite, and comment!!>

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