Uncommon Love

Jenna is just a regular girl that works at Hollister with her best friend Griffin. It's just a normal day when five very noisey boys enter the store. Crazy things begin to happen and Jenna finds her self in romance trouble! Will her best friend and sister fall into her situation? Read to find out whst happens!!


4. Friendly :)

Chapter Four

-Jenna's POV-

Friendly :)


I drove home and kept  thinking of how those boys acted all day. They looked like how my younger sister had discribed them before. My little sister, Lexie, was in love with One Direction and went insane everytime she heard their music. I pulled into my drive and saw my younger sister dancing around the kitchen. 'She reallly needs to close the blinds when she does that.' I laughed to myself. I decided not to tell Lexie about my encounter today so I slipped the piece of paper into my purse and walked inside. Lexie's bestfriend, Brice, was sitting on the couch as soon as I walked in,

          "Hey there Jenna Bee." Brice said while pausing the movie on the telly. He quickly got up and gave me a hug. "She has her headphones in and I don't think she remembered I was here. This has been going on for hours." he laughed and let me go. Brice was 16 and very polite, yet he was crazy when he wanted to be. I laughed and went to walk away, but when I took two steps Brice caught my arm. "Can we talk for a minute? Nothing important but I just needed to ask you something..." he said while coming closer to me and rubbing his neck nervously. I nodded and followed him outside to the front porch.

          "What's going on Brice?" I asked him a bit concerned.

          "It's just...well you know what tomorrow is..." he began. Then I remembered.

          "Yes I remember now. We'll do something I promise." I smiled weekly and hugged him. He nodded. "Was that all? I'm sorry for interupting..." I laughed.

          "That was all" He smiled. I took in his features. Brown buzz cut, baggy basket ball shorts, Nike Elets, Nike high tops, big UNDER ARMOR sweat shirt. He had almost too brown, brown eyes but they complimented him perfectly, along with his fair tan complection. The rest of the night went totally like a normal one. Brice ended up staying over once again since 'he was too tired to go home'. But we all knew his reason...bad family. I went up stairs around 10pm and brought my phone and purse with me. I took out my iPhone and looked for any new text messages. Nothing. I looked at my purse then at my phone again. I sighed and took out the small slip of paper that contained 'the numbers'. I looked at the names, then I got a mental picture of each boy in my mind. I decided to text blonde.

Me- Hey! It's Jenna from Hollister..you guys gave me your numbers?

I got an immediate responcse from him.

Blondie- Hi! Sorry for running into you earlier.

I laughed at his comment. Once I began thinking about the accident my head began to hurt.

Me- aww! Thxs but  that's okay! I feel alright...what are you up too?

Blondie- not much really... hanging with the boys. are you texting them too?

Me- :) nope just you. oh hey! I never got ur name??

As soon as I sent that text I began to feel really stupid. It was written on the slip of paper he gave me.

Blondie- oh okay...Niall btw:) I know ur answer will be no but would you like to go to breakfast with me tomorrow?

This question really caught me off guard. As a date? As just friends?

Me- Sure! How about around 8:30? Since I have work tomorrow.

Niall- okay!! What about that cafe in the mall??? So your close to work?

Me- sure! I will meet you there!! :) hey it is gettig pretty late thou so I should be getting off to bed.. Night Niall.

Niall- good night beautiful.

We ended it there for the night and I felt my cheeks turn bright red. Niall was super nice. Then I remembered what tomorrow was... It was going to  bed a very long day.


<Hey guys!! Whoo! two chapters in two days!! sorry If this is getting boring.. :/ you will find out "what tomorrow is" in the next chapter.. oh well I'm off to do homework!! Email me at Liamsturtles0329@gmail.com to give me sugestions and please dont forget to like, comment, and favourtie!! bye lovelies!!>











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