Uncommon Love

Jenna is just a regular girl that works at Hollister with her best friend Griffin. It's just a normal day when five very noisey boys enter the store. Crazy things begin to happen and Jenna finds her self in romance trouble! Will her best friend and sister fall into her situation? Read to find out whst happens!!


5. author's onote!!

okay guys so I'm not really sure if people read this and I'm starting to write a new story for fun.(wont be on here)  So as of right now I'm not going to post anymore of this story. If you would like to have me post more of this story please let me know!! Much love xx

Oh and please check out the best story ever called Baise Moi. It is amzaing. I might not have spelled it right but it is so frreakin amazing!! Bu-bye!! xx

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